Megyn Kelly Loses It After Man Wins Women's Professional Golf Tournament: 'It's a Fraud, It's Immoral...'


Megyn Kelly is making her feelings clear after a man claiming to be a woman won a women’s professional golf tournament.

Over the weekend, Breanna Gill won the Australian Women’s Classic in the city of Bonville in New South Wales, according to WPGA Australia.

While little has been reported on Gill’s personal history, Golf Monthly and others have noted his transgender status.

Many on the left, naturally, will celebrate this as another momentous victory for the LGBT community. But sane-minded people will have a rather different take on the whole affair.

On Monday, Kelly went on social media to call out the charade.

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“This is a biological man,” the former Fox News host tweeted, “a fact not even mentioned in much of the major press coverage celebrating ‘her’ win over the actual women in this tournament.

“It’s a fraud, it’s immoral, and it HAS TO STOP.”

As she noted, the WPGA Australia report — headlined “GILL BASKS IN GLORY OF AUSTRALIAN WOMEN’S CLASSIC WIN” — celebrated his victory over the tour’s female players with not a single reference to his transgender identification.

Should men be completely banned from women’s sports?

“When the throng of fellow players performed the traditional spraying of champagne on the winner, Breanna Gill simply stood there with arms wide open and enjoyed every last drop that fell on her,” the report said. “As she’d always planned.

“Gill had just won a thrilling playoff to claim the Australian Women’s Classic – Bonville and it was a moment she was going to savour on Bonville Golf Resort’s 18th green.

“‘I always thought in my head if I ever got the opportunity to actually win a golf tournament and the girls happen to come running out on the green, I was going to stand there and take it. I wasn’t going to run away,’ said Gill.”

It wasn’t the first time Kelly had criticized the transgender movement’s impact on women’s sports.

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Two weeks ago, she expressed outrage over Anne Andres, a Canadian man who has been crushing female competitors in powerlifting.

Kelly was not alone in her condemnation of the WPGA Australia. Riley Gaines, a female college swimmer who was beaten by the transgender swimmer Lia Thomas, also spoke out.

“Who’s surprised a male is being recognized as the ‘winner’ in the women’s category….you’re right @WPGATour, real nerves of steel!” she wrote.

People on Twitter echoed those sentiments, saying the trend of men winning women’s competitions is putting women’s sports in jeopardy.

They are absolutely right. Allowing men to compete in women’s sports threatens to erase the unique accomplishments and opportunities afforded to women.

Over the last few years, we have seen countless instances of men who identify as female winning women’s competitions while the concerns of students, athletes and parents about the implications of this are ignored.

Breanna Gill’s victory in the Australian Women’s Classic is just the latest outrageous example of a disturbing trend that absolutely has to be stopped.

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