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Mexico Stops Illegals Dead in Their Tracks with Giant X-Ray

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Unfortunately for illegal immigrants, there’s no hiding from a giant x-ray machine.

On Monday, Mexican officials announced that more than 200 migrants that were stowed away in large vehicles were caught by cutting-edge new screening procedures. What’s even more impressive is the fact that those 200 illegal aliens were found in a matter of two days.

According to Reuters, the catch comes on the heels of President Donald Trump’s increased pressure on Mexico to have them step up their border security after tens of thousands of illegal immigrants began waltzing through Mexico to reach America’s borders.

The image below shows the migrants hiding in various compartments of a large truck, with some even squeezing into small areas under the roof.

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Mexico’s security ministry issued a statement saying that 228 hidden migrants were found last week during a routine search of a transportation truck bearing third-party Pepsi logos.

PepsiCo denied any involvement with the debacle, saying, “The unit detained by authorities does not belong to our distribution fleet, nor is it the property of any company belonging to the group, which means that [the logos] were falsified.”

The truck driver and his assistant were arrested, while the migrants — who were packed into the truck like sardines — were sent to be processed by immigration authorities.

Are you glad Mexico is cracking down on illegal aliens?

During a news conference, Mexico’s Foreign Minister Marcelo Ebrard noted that there are 11 investigations into migrant smugglers by the attorney general, saying, “It is our strategic objective to end the impunity for human traffickers.”

The beefed-up security and increased apprehensions come after Francisco Garduno — a former prisons chief — was appointed to be the leader of the National Migration Institute in Mexico.

The appointment was made after Mexico was all but forced by President Donald Trump to get extremely serious about illegal immigration, under the threat of crushing tariffs if they failed to control its own border crisis.

As a result, the progress being made in Mexico is a sign of great things to come.

If Mexico’s border patrol does its job, life will presumably be a lot easier for the Customs and Border Protection agents in the U.S.

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In fact, a positive chain reaction could occur if the population of migrant detention facilities dwindle, because of a lower number of migrants, which may ultimately lead to political heat being taken off the agency.

U.S. Border Patrol has enough to worry about without individuals like Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and her “squad” of open-border, radical colleagues making a stink about the conditions at the southern U.S. border.

After all, CBP agents aren’t supposed to be acting in a babysitting capacity. That’s not what they signed on for.

The sooner America’s immigration system can get back to normal operations, the sooner the humanitarian crisis at the border can be resolved. But it’s going to take bipartisan support in Congress to come up with a viable solution, which at this point seems nearly impossible.

Until then, Americans need to encourage the Mexican government to continue their crackdown on the flow of illegals, including using high-tech tools like x-ray scanners, because the sooner Mexico can secure its border, the sooner we can begin to secure ours.

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