Mike Huckabee: Last Night's DNC Was Like a Bitter Alcoholic Ex-Wife Showing Up at 2 AM & Demanding To Be Taken Back

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Night two of the Democrats’ virtual convention was only marginally better than night one.

There were two reasonably decent segments: Jill Biden gave a good speech and seemed pleasant and personable, and the segments where the delegates stood in front of backdrops representing their states were entertaining.

Frankly, that was the first time so far that I saw or heard anything that reflected what America really is like.

Seems like a pretty cool country; maybe these America-hating Democratic leaders should go out and visit it sometime.

Otherwise, as even a liberal media critic admitted, it was like an endless YouTube commercial you couldn’t click “skip” on.

In Just 4 Months, Biden Manages to Highlight How Competent Trump Was Over Previous 4 Years

The party that’s trying to convince us that they’re “ready to lead” and can solve all of America’s problems once again couldn’t get their sound and video synched, a production basic that 15-year-old YouTubers can handle with ease.

Having Elizabeth Warren represent the Native American Caucus was a welcome moment of unintentional humor.

So was the speaker who said that Biden would both fund Planned Parenthood and reduce infant mortality (those are mutually exclusive concepts).

We also heard virtually no positive messages or any details about what the Democrats would do to solve all these terrible problems they described, other than not be Trump.

Have you watched any of the Democratic National Convention?

“Hope and change” has been replaced with “Orange Man Bad” and “America racist.”

If you were playing any drinking games with the phrase “systemic racism,” then you probably suffered alcohol poisoning.

Nobody mentioned that the places with the most violence and rioting over “systemic racism” are cities where Democrats have been running the system for decades.

During my appearance last night on Laura Ingraham’s Fox News show with Ben Shapiro, Ben noted that in just 90 seconds, AOC managed to work in every “woke” buzzword on the “progressive” bingo card, including “systemic,” “xenophobia,” “brutality,” “unsustainable,” “inequalities of wealth for the few,” “guaranteed health care” and “racial injustice, colonization, misogyny and homophobia” all in one sentence.

She seconded the nomination of Bernie Sanders. That stirred up some interest, but it was just a pro forma move, not a “revolution” (that comes later).

Tim Graham Uses Fact-Checker's Own Numbers To Expose Them for What They Really Are

Bernie wasn’t the official nominee, but he apparently assumes he’s the unofficial nominee.

In a livestream to an anti-Trump group Tuesday, he let the Trojan horse out of the bag by saying that if the Democrats can just keep the House, win the Senate and get Biden elected, there’s “a path” to use Biden to impose his progressive (i.e., socialist) agenda.

So much for the idea of Biden being anything more than a smiling façade for a radical leftist shadow government.

But the absolute worst convention decision of all, worse than even that Billy Porter video of “For What It’s Worth,” and one that could almost be registered as an in-kind donation to the Trump campaign, was to focus on foreign policy.

I know they’re trying to convince us that Joe Biden isn’t suffering from dementia, but apparently, they think all of us are.

Do they really think our memories are so bad that we can look at John Kerry or Jimmy Carter and not recall what a disaster their policies in the Middle East were?

Were we also supposed to not notice that “Foreign Policy Night” included nothing about our biggest problem: China?

What can they say about that, when Biden is famous for kowtowing to and defending China and his son has enriched himself with questionable Chinese financial deals? China has made it clear that Biden is their choice to be our president, and that should set off more alarms than a dozen Portland arsonists.

Their big “Republican” get Tuesday was Colin Powell, who as far as I know hasn’t supported a Republican since Dubya’s days.

I respect Gen. Powell, but these same Democrats once accused him of being part of a conspiracy to “lie” us into war over nonexistent Iraqi WMDs. I don’t buy that, but it’s the story the Democrats themselves peddled for nearly two decades.

Now, they bring him on to convince us we need to go back to trusting the same deep state crew to run our foreign policy, and we aren’t supposed to remember that they made those very people synonymous with “endless wars for regime change”?

And don’t even get me started on what must’ve been going through viewers’ minds when Bill Clinton came on to accuse Trump of not using the Oval Office properly!

As a reminder, it was one day after this came out (Warning: not a story for delicate sensibilities).

Not to mention that this was the president who signed NAFTA, the job-exporting trade bill that Trump ran on replacing.

In fact, all of these people oversaw some of the most incompetent foreign policy debacles in history: Iran and North Korea becoming nuclear powers, endless wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, the rise of al-Qaida and ISIS, the Benghazi attack, trade deals that exported our jobs and manufacturing to China, Russian expansionism, putting us as the mercy of OPEC for our energy needs, the list goes on and on.

It was like watching a “greatest hits” list of reasons why Americans were willing to gamble on an outsider like Trump: because we figured nobody could possibly screw up worse than these people.

After three years of 24/7 Trump-bashing by the media, many Americans needed that reminder. So thanks, Democrats!

In just three short years, Trump has forced China to the bargaining table, brought our manufacturing back, crushed ISIS, crafted new trade deals that put America first, ended our reliance on Middle Eastern oil, made America an energy exporter and undercut Russia’s oil industry and defended Israel. And now, he’s just crafted a historic peace deal between Israel and the UAE, and other Arab nations want in on it.

Last night’s convention was like having your bitter, angry, alcoholic ex-wife show up on your doorstep at 2 a.m., screaming, “Don’t you want me back?!” Not really, no.

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