Mike Huckabee: Why I Wish Trump Wouldn't Have Congratulated China


President Donald Trump is taking a lot of flak from Democrats and the media (I should save myself a lot of typing by just cutting and pasting that, since it happens every time he says anything or does anything, including brushing his teeth), this time for tweeting this:

“Congratulations to President Xi and the Chinese people on the 70th Anniversary of the People’s Republic of China!”

It also upset some Republicans (I admit it grated on me) to see China congratulated for seven decades of brutal communist rule, only mitigated somewhat in recent years by a little dose of capitalism.

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It was especially bad timing, considering what’s going on in Hong Kong right now, and that a pro-freedom demonstrator was shot on the same day.

But then, that was just a little of the real communist Chinese government showing through the façade. For a reminder of what happens to people when they foolishly fall for the promises of socialists and communists, click here. It’s a refresher course on what 70 years of communist rule was really like, and how the communist takeover of 1949 was called a “liberation” but was actually the opposite.

Still, it’s easy to grow jaded over such criticism, since Trump’s critics are constantly attacking him for “praising dictators.”

They apparently want him to start all delicate negotiations by saying to the other side, “I think you’re a reprehensible, murderous Nazi pig. Now, let’s make a deal!” They don’t understand the wisdom of Will Rogers’ definition of diplomacy as “the art of saying, ‘Nice doggie,’ until you can find a rock.”

If it weren’t for the “attack Trump for everything” mentality and the bad timing of China reminding us of what socialist/communist rule is really like, Trump’s tweet would likely have been ignored as typical State Department banana oil, the kind of business-as-usual baloney that diplomats say to each other even when both sides know they don’t mean a word of it.

You know, like this.

(Bookmark that for when Hillary Clinton inevitably attacks Trump for “praising” Chinese dictators.)

So while I understand why the tweet was sent, and I know Trump doesn’t want to upset the trade negotiations, and I agree that the Democrats have no standing to criticize him for it, I still would prefer that nothing had been said that might suggest that 70 years of communist rule is positive in any way.

And in a perfect world, Trump would have marked the occasion by making this speech, suggested by Stephen Green.

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Although if it were a perfect world, we wouldn’t be marking 70 years of communist rule in China at all.

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