Mike Pence Unloads on Chief Justice John Roberts: 'A Real Disappointment to Conservatives'


Vice President Mike Pence criticized Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts, who was appointed by former President George W. Bush, as a “disappointment” to conservatives.

“We have great respect for the institution of the Supreme Court of the United States, but Chief Justice Roberts has been a disappointment to conservatives,” Pence told Christian Broadcasting Network’s David Brody during an interview teaser released Thursday.

“Are you scratching your head a little bit on John Roberts?” Brody had asked.

The CBN host compared Roberts to former Justice David Souter, who was appointed by former President George H.W.Bush and was also not a reliable ally for conservatives on the high court.

“Conservatives have had a track record of having some problems with Supreme Court justices you thought were going to be a reliable vote,” Brody said.

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“When I say ‘reliable vote,’ I’m just talking about to adhere to conservative principles,” he said.

Pence, speaking on Roberts’ recent propensity for siding with the court’s liberal wing, did not hold back in his response.

In addition to describing the chief justice as “a disappointment to conservatives,” the vice president invoked Roberts’ record as an issue in the presidential campaign.

In one major action that angered conservatives, Roberts chose not to strike down the Affordable Healthcare Act as unconstitutional in 2012.

As recently as June, the chief justice shocked those on the right when he was the deciding vote in a decision that prevented the state of Louisiana from blocking some abortion procedures.

“Whether it be the Obamacare decision or whether it be a spate of recent decisions all the way through Calvary Chapel … it’s a reminder of just how important this election is for the issue of the Supreme Court,” Pence told Brody.

“We remember the issue back in 2016, which I believe loomed large in voters’ decisions between Hillary Clinton and the man who would become president of the United States,” he said.

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Indeed, Trump made an issue of the court in that campaign, vowing to fill the seat vacated by former Justice Antonin Scalia with another principled conservative.

Trump appointed Justice Neil Gorsuch to that seat, and later appointed Justice Brett Kavanaugh, who was confirmed following a contentious hearing.

Pence told Brody that because of Roberts’ habit of siding with the high court liberals, the issue of the Supreme Court is on the ballot again in 2020.

The vice president said that “some people thought” the issue of the Supreme Court “wouldn’t be as big an issue these days,” but added, “I think that’s all changed.”

With regard to recent rulings in favor of the abortion lobby, he said, “I think it’s been a wake-up call for pro-life voters around the country who understand, in a very real sense, that the destiny of the Supreme Court is on the ballot in 2020.”

Pence said that Trump will continue to deliver solid conservative judges if re-elected.

“He did that in 2016,” the vice president said. “He kept his word. He’s going to do that in the fall of 2020, and in the next four years, he’ll keep his word and appoint more principled conservatives to our courts.”

The full interview was set to air Thursday on CBN.

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