Mom Hits Record When She Sees Son Grab Hand of Elderly Woman in Mall Parking Lot


If you see someone with their hands full of groceries or pushing an unwieldy stroller toward a closed door, do you step in to help?

It’s a basic act of human kindness, but sometimes it gets lost in the hustle and bustle of busy, everyday life. We may not be ignoring people and their needs on purpose, but it happens.

So when we see examples of people going out of their way to ensure that someone else has a little help if they need it, it’s a nice reminder that we can do more and that there is still some good out there.

It’s especially heartwarming when the helping hands belong to young people. Kids are our future, and it’s comforting when they make the future look kind.

This video was filmed by a mother who was bursting with pride over her son. She drove the car through a parking lot while filming him helping an elderly woman to her car.

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“I love my son,” she said. “I love him to death. He seen this lady crossing the street, an elderly lady, and he went and helped her.”

He’s carrying her bag in one hand, and he’s holding her hand with the other. She doesn’t even come up to his shoulder, but he keeps his steps short for her as they inch along.

He waited for her, pausing when she paused, as he lead her back to her car. When they reached the car, he opened the door, waited until she got in, made sure she was settled, and then handed her the bag.

“Somebody just stopped me and said I should be very proud of him,” mom continued. “I was proud of him before, but … yeah, I’m super proud now.”

He closed the door too, doing so with the utmost care and making sure the older woman was fully out of the way.

When he was sure she was all ready to go and went back to his mom’s car, he shook his head when he saw that she was filming. His mom and the bystander who commented on his behavior aren’t the only ones impressed with him.

Once his mom posted the video to Facebook, thousands of comments came pouring in — most of them positive.

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“What a great young man! How proud, you his mother, must be,” wrote one commenter. “You raised a great son! That shows what a fantastic (job) you have done. Sending praises to you!”

“These are the video that I love to see there should be more of these videos like everyday,” another wrote. “Good one right there!”

“Nice job young man,” a third commented. “Continue to do the right things and you will truly Be Blessed!”

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