Mom Receives Vile Letter in Mail about 'Half Breed' Son, Admits to Following Her Home


People of color hear no shortage of comments, jokes, and thoughts from biased individuals. Many of us don’t realize that these things are ever-present in people’s lives.

Imagine, then, being a parent of a mixed-race child and dealing with the discrimination they face. Imagine if a note came into your home calling your child a half-breed and claiming to have followed you home.

That’s no hypothetical situation — a note just like that came into the home of Gracy Jackson. Not only did did this letter make extremely racist comments, it also called her a bad catholic, commented on her home, and insulted her car.

“He shouldn’t have to be exposed to language like that by an adult. It’s the racism against James that has upset me the most, he’s a kid,” Jackson said. “We live in a society where he shouldn’t have to face that. We faced it years ago but we should be past it now. It’s cowardly.”

Jackson first thought the note was a birthday card for her youngest child. But when she opened it, the note’s language left little to the imagine of the author’s intentions.

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The note said:

“Hi Grace, When I found out James was at the same senior school as my son I was gutted and so were a few other mothers. We were going to move our children but you have saved us the trouble.

“You moved James thank God! Can’t believe you have put him in [the school] Mind you, that’s a (expletive) school… so he will fit in fine with all the other little (expletive) like him.

“I knew you when you went to scouts and everybody hated you and your half breed son. I know where you live. I followed you from your mom’s in your old banger. Buy a decent car. Can’t believe your house what a (expletive) hole. What a mess, who has net curtains.

“All your row are nice and then there is yours what a mess complete (expletive) hole. Not surprised how James turned out with a role model like you. You are a complete mess putting it around from the age of 14. Some catholic you are, you are a bucket (expletive) tramp and don’t pretend you don’t know who this is.

“You know alright. You live in a cheap (expletive) house and drive (expletive) cars. Your son is a little (expletive). Come and see me whenever.”

Despite the letter’s claims, Jackson has no clue who the author is. She says she lives in fear that another note will arrive, or the author will show up “with a knife.” Meanwhile, her son is feeling the stress of these people’s comments.

“James would walk home from school by himself but I’m going to pick him up now. I wouldn’t want him to be confronted by an adult,” Jackson said.

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If anyone reads this who lives in Solihull, West Midlands (U.K.), knows anything, please contact the proper authorities. Let’s see if we can help bring some peace to this family.

From the police: “Police are investigating a report of a malicious letter posted through the door of a home in Kinghurst, Birmingham.

“The letter was put through the door at around 2.30pm on 23 January and contained contents that were distressing to the person who received it.

“Anyone with information is asked to contact 101 giving crime reference number 20SH/19870B/18.”

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