Mom Secretly Writes Note that She's Being Held Hostage, Sends with Daughter to School


An 11-year-old girl’s mom had been trapped for weeks inside of a trailer home being held against her will. With no phone and no way to contact anyone outside of the trailer for help, she came up with the risky plan.

The mother tore out a piece of paper and wrote a note for help as her very last resort. That morning, she sent her daughter to school with the note.

Her daughter managed to sneak away to school and hand her mother’s note to her teacher. Her teacher then immediately contacted school officials.

The alarming note suggested that her mother was being held hostage and was scared. School officials immediately sprang into action and called the police.

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The mother’s words on the note were not explicitly revealed, but police knew they meant she was in trouble.

“She couldn’t leave,” police Sheriff Jeff Travis said. “She needed someone to get her out of the situation and she couldn’t talk on the phone.”

After doing some digging, police discovered that a man named Donald Ray Guy was still holding the mother hostage.

Guy had already been wanted for at least three outstanding warrants, but had managed to escape when police came to serve them.

He was facing domestic abuse and battery charges and two warrants for missing court dates. He was also believed to have been linked to a car theft.

Police were also concerned with the missing pieces of the puzzle, most importantly, what the 11-year-old girl had been going through.

“There’s always a chill that goes through you when you understand that the child was going through a very bad environment and the mother may be captive, and it may be worse than what we actually found,” Travis explained.

From there, police assembled a team trained to handle suspects who tend to try to escape and went to the trailer with a warrant.

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Outside of the home, they found a stolen ATV. When they entered, they found the mother and two of Guy’s relatives with her.

The relatives in the home were his mother and sister, who were arrested for helping to falsely imprison the woman.

Guy was also found in the home hiding in a closet. Police arrested him and he was taken to jail facing charges of false imprisonment and battery, in addition to his previous warrants.

Guy was later charged with false imprisonment. Shortly after the arrest, the mother and daughter were free from captivity and reunited, both of them unharmed.

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