Most Political Grammys in History Learns They Made a Big Mistake


It’s been a long held mystery as to why so many celebrities see fit to inject their political opinions into their performances and/or public appearances.

Especially when their public opinions are the polar opposites of how they conduct themselves in their private lives. Think of Rosie O’Donnell’s advocacy for complete and total gun control, unless it comes to her personal bodyguard.

This tactic has most definitely been working against them, as the 2018 Grammys saw a mind-boggling 24 percent drop in viewers as compared to just last year’s ratings.

The good folks over at the Eagle Rising are asking the rhetorical question: “The dedication to political preaching occurred with Grammy ratings at a historic low. Coincidence?”

Obviously not.

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Citing Deadline Hollywood, Eagle Rising noted, “Maybe it was the more than three and a half hour run time, maybe it was the surprise Hillary Clinton cameo and political stances than seemed to take up more airtime than the music or maybe it was the move to a January broadcast that hobbled last night’s Grammys. Regardless of the reason, somewhere the 60th annual Grammy Awards lost the groove – at least when it comes to ratings and viewers.”

The site continued, “James Corden’s second kick at the Grammy host can last night saw 19.81 million tune into watch music’s supposedly biggest night. That’s down 24% from the final viewership of the February 12, 2017 Grammys and the worst the CBS aired ceremony has done since 2009.”

Not alone in critiquing this year’s Grammys, Kyle Smith of National Review has quite the scathing remarks for the cringe-worthy Hillary moment,

“Leave aside the indignity of Hillary Clinton, a former first lady, secretary of state, and presidential candidate, appearing in a cheap throwaway gag at the Grammys during which she reads a bit from the book Fire and Fury about President Trump’s love of junk food. Leave aside the fact that her husband was also once notorious for his love of McDonald’s. Leave aside the fact that she and her husband have, like Trump, been the subject of scurrilous, vicious, largely made-up junk-journalism that doesn’t even pass the laugh test, much less a rigorous fact-checking process. She lost; she has no standing to make fun of the man who beat her.”

While the political left goes all weak-in-the-knees over the mere sight of Hillary, there are still some who have pretty much had it.

Former South Carolina governor and current U.S. ambassador to the United Nations, Nikki Haley let her feelings be known via Twitter;

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Giving as good as he got, unofficial spokesman for the First Family, Don Trump, Jr., gave his father’s former opponent quite the reality check, “Getting to read a #fakenews book excerpt at the Grammys seems like a great consolation prize for losing the presidency.”

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