MSNBC Guest Labels White Evangelical America as Supporters of Pedophilia and Molestation


A guest on MSNBC said white evangelical Americans are nothing more than supporters of pedophilia and molestation.

During an interview Saturday on MSNBC with host Joy Reid, author and former evangelical-turned-liberal commentator Frank Schaeffer went on a vile diatribe about white Christians in America.

As noted by The Daily Caller, Schaeffer was asked about two White House staffers resigning late last week amid allegations of domestic violence.

On Friday, White House staff secretary Rob Porter resigned after his two ex-wives claimed he assaulted and abused them years ago. A photograph of his ex-wife, Colbie Holderness, with a black eye was released last week. She claims Porter gave her the black eye.

Porter has denied the allegations.

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Not long after Porter’s resignation, White House speechwriter David Sorensen stepped down from his post after his ex-wife accused him of physically assaulting her during their marriage. Sorensen has also denied those allegations, according to The Washington Post.

On Saturday, President Donald Trump sent out a tweet saying that lives have been destroyed over allegations, raising the question of whether due process still exists.

After Reid detailed Trump’s tweet and the two staffers stepping down, Schaeffer labelled “white evangelical America” as “solid bedrock supporters” of molesters and pedophiles. The fact that neither of the two staffers were accused of pedophilia or molestation was, apparently, irrelevant.

Do you think Schaeffer should apologize for his remarks?

“White evangelical America, make no mistake now, as the solid bedrock supporters of molesters, of pedophiles, of these sorts of folks, have switched sides and they are no longer representing anything that is – could be called moral by the traditions of any religion,” Schaeffer said.

He added: “And in terms of a Bible prophecy-type story, these folks are now on the side of everyone that ever stood against justice and for evil. That’s where we’re at. There is no way to parse this or make nice about it.”

Reid didn’t even blink when he made these sick remarks, and allowed him to carry out with his utterly groundless theory about evangelical Christians in America.

Listen to Schaeffer’s disturbing remarks below, with his comment about white evangelicals beginning about 4:15.

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Not only is this a sickening attack, it is despicable that he made these alarming comments on live television without so much as a peep of protest from the host.

Perhaps MSNBC condones its guests labeling white evangelical Americans as supporters of pedophilia and molestation who no longer represent anything moral or religious.

Sane Americans would agree this MSNBC guest should never be invited to talk on air ever again for making such sick and disgusting remarks. Liberals wouldn’t agree, but that’s why they’re liberals.

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