Naked Man Drives Into Hospital, Screams About Trump, Sets Self on Fire


Hospitals are a place of safety, especially when we are sick or have an emergency. They certainly aren’t a place where danger is expected.

Unfortunately, the world is full of unbalanced people, as has been shown through the violence that has swept through the country. For one hospital, the danger that came was completely unexpected.

On Feb. 22, the Middlesex Hospital in Middletown, Connecticut, was buzzing with activity. The emergency entrance was full as people came with sick loved ones or for their own treatment.

Steven Ellam was driving in his car, apparently without clothes on. As he drove he decided to record himself on Facebook live.

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The video painted a picture of an extremely disturbed man. Though Ellam remained calm as he drove, he began to rant about President Donald Trump saying,  “Donald Trump where are you? My name is Jesus Christ. I’m in Middletown, Connecticut.”

He then began to talk about his need to attack what he called “the Headquarters,” referring to the Middlesex Hospital.

His rant made little sense and seemed to be the words of a person disconnected with reality.

He then began to drive faster and as he reached the hospital, the video shows his car slamming into the Emergency Room entrance. But that wasn’t the end.

As Facebook live continued to record, he lit himself on fire. Soon he was seen on camera yelling, “Jesus help me,” his previously calm demeanor gone.

He then got out of the car and yelled, “death to the new world order.” Hospital staff rushed to help remove patients from the scene. Luckily, no one was hurt.

It was later revealed that the man had a history of violence beginning at the age of 14. He was previously sentenced to 33 months in prison for beating a woman, calling her a sinner and wanting her to repent.

The bomb squad and the FBI were called to the scene. Patient, T.J. O’Brien, had a doctor’s appointment that morning when he saw the accident.

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“About a minute after that, someone came running out of the fire in his birthday suit screaming,” he said.

With burns across 90 percent of his body, Ellam lived but was airlifted to another hospital in critical condition.

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