A NASCAR Driver Had A Very Different Reaction to The Veterans Ad Rejected by The NFL


The biggest storyline dominating the NFL in 2017 was that of national anthem protesting, and during Super Bowl 52 the American Veterans organization wanted to run an ad encouraging viewers to stand for the national anthem out of respect for past and present military members.

However, the NFL didn’t allow the ad to run, stating that the sporting event has “never been a place for advertising that could be considered by some as a political statement.”

Well, 33-year-old NASCAR driver Clay Greenfield wasn’t having it and decided that he would offer the organization an opportunity to sponsor his vehicle for Friday’s season-opening race for the Camping World Truck Series in Daytona.

“I just am a big supporter of our veterans and our military and I kind of felt like they were being shafted a little so I wanted to do what I could to help make up and support our veterans and military,” Greenfield revealed to Yahoo Sports.

Greenfield’s number 68 truck was outfitted with an American flag color scheme and logo of the AMVETS organization. However, it was a hashtag that appeared in various locations on the truck that captured the eyes of many.

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“#PLEASESTAND” was displayed prominently across the truck, a reference to those who have chosen to remain seated or kneel during the playing of the national anthem at sporting events.

However, Greenfield noted that his vehicle’s color scheme was not a knock at the NFL or the players who kneeled during the anthem, rather, it was an effort to commemorate the men and women of the U.S. Armed Forces.

“And it’s not like I’m doing this out of a grudge or anything. Almost every truck I’ve ever had since 2010 has had an American flag on it somewhere.

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“I felt like it was a good opportunity to showcase those guys and what they’re all about.”

While Greenfield contends that the action wasn’t done out of spite toward the NFL, the NASCAR driver didn’t pull punches in a January tweet questioning the NFL’s practices.

“The NFL won’t allow an add (sic) from @AMVETSHQ showing an American Flag saying Please Stand but will show National Anthem protests live,” he wrote. “So the protesters have freedom of speech but the veterans who put their lives at risk to enable that right don’t.”

“That is 100% wrong!#PleaseStand,” Greenfield added.

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During Friday’s race, Greenfield was involved in a vicious collision. As reported by Fox Sports, he escaped from the wreck virtually unscathed.

However, AMVETS took to Twitter to congratulate their newfound brand ambassador on a job well-done.

Greenfield responded with a tweet of his own, saying “it was an honor” to have their logos outfit his truck, before adding that he “will always stand with you.”

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