'This Is a National Emergency': Did Biden Just Tell the World He Doesn't Know Where His Office Is Located?


We have seen all sorts of gaffes from Joe Biden, from mispronouncing words to forgetting people’s names. But this latest incident may be a new low even for him.

In a Wednesday speech he gave at Ulster University during his visit to Northern Ireland, Biden seemed to suggest that he had no idea where his office is located, saying it is located at the “United States Capitol.

“As you walk into my office in the Oval Office in the United States Capitol,” Biden said, leading many to question if he was saying that his office was located on Capitol Hill and not at the White House.

In reaction to the bizarre statement, The First tweeted, “This is a national emergency.”

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Now, Biden may have actually said that his office was located in the “capital,” as in Washington, D.C., which would be correct, and people often do get the two words mixed up.

Is Biden mentally fit to be president?

He also may have just misspoke because he mentions the White House only a few seconds later. So he does seem to know where his office is located, so it is probably wise to give him the benefit of the doubt — this time.

But what is important is the reaction that people had to this statement. In addition to The First calling it “a national emergency,” another Twitter user wrote that this was simply what one could expect from a president like Biden.

“When you install a clown… expect a circus.”

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Others took the statement at face value, saying that it seems as if Biden genuinely has no idea where his office is.

Biden may know where his office actually is, but enough people think that he does not — and that makes him look silly and incompetent. This is the image that Biden has presented to Americans, a weak and witless leader.

In addition, I am sure once again that our enemies, particularly Russia and China, are seeing this and telling their people that the leader of the free world does not even know where his office is.

Biden promised that his administration would put the adults back in charge, but so far, it does not seem like that is the case.

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