Look at What WH Is Captured Doing as Fox News Speaks on Very Serious Topic of China's Aggression


As the world devolves into chaos, the Biden administration continues to prove that it is one big clown show.

On Monday, Fox News did a report on the rising threat of war with China while waiting for remarks from White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre on the situation.

Last week, China conducted a series of military maneuvers, rehearsing a naval encircling of Taiwan, leading to fears in both the United States and Taiwan that an invasion is imminent.

As Fox News discussed the situation, as well as the apathy of the French towards the situation, the lower right corner of the screen had a small live shot of the preparations for Jean-Pierre’s press conference.

But then the Easter Bunny came out to begin the press conference!

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The Easter Bunny went to the podium, handed out candy to the reporters gathered for the conference, and then fooled around with the press secretary before she took the podium.

Understanding that viewers were probably in disbelief at this apparent lack of concern, the Fox News host then said, “I just want to make sure our viewers do not think their eyes were messing with them” and confirmed that they did indeed see the Easter Bunny walk to the podium at the press conference.

“That was happening as we were discussing this red threat rising.”

People were quick to react to this public image that the Biden administration presented, saying that it was the perfect summation of the Biden administration.

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This is not to say that the White House should not celebrate Easter or have a little fun with the holiday. The problem is that we are facing a serious threat to our national security from China, and the administration seems to not be all that concerned with it.

This is really embarrassing, and it makes the Biden administration look like a joke in the eyes of the American people and in the eyes of the world. China is probably looking at this clip and thinking that America will be an easy pushover if they invade Taiwan.

Is Biden the most incompetent president in recent history?

At a time like this, it is more important than ever for the United States to demonstrate strong leadership. Unfortunately, under the current administration, laziness and incompetence seem to be the order of the day.

As long as the Biden administration continues with these clown shows, our adversaries will only be encouraged to undertake more acts of aggression.

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