NBC News Analyst Makes Shock Admission: Biden Looked, Sounded Tired at First Press Conference


A senior national political reporter and analyst for NBC News admitted Thursday that President Joe Biden appeared to lack energy and stamina during his first solo news conference.

Biden, more than two months into his presidency, finally addressed reporters by himself in a less-than-inspiring one-hour conference. The president at times appeared to lose his train of thought and displayed an essence of lethargy — if you were watching objectively.

Not everyone was watching objectively.

Jonathan Allen, who works for NBC News, quickly tweeted early into the speech that he thought the president was nailing it.

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Biden did fall thrice up a set of stairs while attempting to board Air Force One last week. It was quite a feat, as people generally fall down stairs. That being said, the bar was fairly low for a 78-year-old dogged by speculation about his apparently diminished cognitive state.

The president didn’t fall on any stairs Thursday when addressing reporters, but he did stumble verbally a number of times and appeared outright tired.

Not long after Allen’s post hailing Biden for “knocking it out of the park,” he posted a stunning admission: He thought the president seemed fatiqued.

“Biden sounding and looking tired partway through,” Allen tweeted.

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Biden appeared to have a list of prescreened reporters whom he called on in some kind of order. He also frequently referenced a notebook, and the tone and volume of his voice were often all over the place.

He attempted to show a lighter side at times, one of which was when he was asked if he intends to run again for president in 2024. Biden responded by chiding former President Donald Trump.

Biden was asked by Nancy Cordes, chief White House correspondent for CBS News, whether he had decided on seeking another term. “You haven’t set up a re-election campaign yet, as your predecessor had by this time,” she said.

“My predecessor need do — needed to. My predecessor,” Biden laughed. “Oh, God, I miss him. Um, no, the answer is yes. My plan is to run for re-election. That’s my expectation.”

He also said something that sounded an awful lot like the endorsement of a one-party state. The president was asked in a follow-up by CNN White House correspondent Kaitlan Collins if he thought he’d be running against Trump.

“Oh, come on. I don’t even think about — I don’t have, I have no idea. I have no idea there will be a Republican Party. Do you?” he replied.

The comment was horrifying when contextualized with rhetoric too often shared by socialist Democrats — or “democratic socialists,” as some of those people like to be called.

In any event, Biden finally addressed the Biden-friendly mainstream media. After having gone the longest period of time for any president for at least a century without taking questions from reporters in a formal setting, he got it done.

But he looked tired, which even one biased establishment media analyst was willing to admit.

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