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New Dad Saves Life of Helpless Puppy After It's Reportedly Thrown from Car Window by Owners

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Somehow, through a change of life circumstances, you have acquired a dog that you can no longer take care of. You don’t need another mouth to feed and have no money to spend on a pet, so you take stock of your options.

You could take the dog to a shelter, but many shelters require a surrender fee. You could post an ad online, but many times (depending on the platform you choose and the way you assess potential adopters) you risk putting the pup in poor hands.

Many people who find themselves out of time and money but who still care for a dog will try to find some sensible way to move it along — but then there’s Nova’s former owners, who not only allegedly disposed of her in an inhumane way, but who seem to have planned it all out in advance.

The 7-month-old puppy has a clouded past, with only a few known details — and those details are distressing.

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The first detail relates to the manner in which she was found: reportedly thrown from a vehicle. Timothy Kauffman of Hillsborough County, Florida, was driving in late June when he says he saw the horrific act.

“They seem like they waited until the dog got in front of me and they threw it in front of my car, trying to get me to hit it,” Kauffmann, who is a new father, told WFLA-TV.

“It was raining and I had to slam on the brakes and the car was slipping and sliding everywhere,” Kauffman told Liftable, a section of The Western Journal. “I was worried that I was going to hit the puppy.”

Being the kind soul that he is, Kauffman had to stop and rescue the scared pup, who was in good shape considering the tumble she took.

“Well I was heartbroken I don’t know why someone would do that to an innocent animal. She was a sweetheart and did not deserve to be done that way,” he told Liftable.

Kauffman contacted a local rescue, 4 Lucky Dogs Pet Rescue, and they took her in.

“Timothy was traveling in the right hand lane of traffic on Clay Pit Road in Hillsborough County and coming up to a red light,” 4 Lucky Dogs shared on Facebook with photos of the puppy.

“As he was slowing down to stop, the light turned green, and the couple in front, who were already stopped, opened the passenger car door of a brown/tan Blazer and threw this dog out and sped off.”

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After she was taken in, one of the first things the rescuers did was to scan the dog for a microchip. The second stomach-turning detail was about the chip: Apparently, the owners had registered the dog as “deceased” — a day before they’d thrown her into the road.

Thankfully, the pup doesn’t seem too put out by her troubled journey so far and has found her way to good, caring people who are making sure she’s well-adjusted and ready for life with someone who will truly love her.

“She’s full of energy,” said her foster parent, Chuck Morton. “She’s a great dog. As fosters, we hope whoever adopts these dogs understand that there is training involved and that they have to learn to love you too.”

The attention this story has gained is good for both pup and rescuer, as people are learning about Nova as well as Kauffman, who is currently out of work and looking for a new job.

“He just lost his job and we are hoping that, because he did such a good deed for this dog and saved her life, that someone out there will see this and decide they could use a man like him on their team,” Robin Marsh, who works with 4 Lucky Dogs, said.

Listed as a schnauzer/terrier mix of some sort, the black-and-white puppy with scruff is described as being friendly, house-trained and snuggly.

Nova is currently available for adoption through 4 Lucky Dogs — but with all the hearts her story has touched, it won’t be long before someone snaps her up and she finds her forever home.

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