New Gun Laws Take Effect in the New Year, 2nd Amendment Enthusiasts Outraged


A slew of new gun laws that took effect Jan. 1 in various liberal states like California and Oregon have rightly put Second Amendment enthusiasts in those states on edge, since they know that more gun laws only lead to even more gun laws.

In the case of Oregon, a new law passed in the latter portion of 2017 now “allows police or a member of a someone’s family to file a petition with the court if they believe the person poses an imminent risk to themselves or others,” according to local station KDRV.

If a judge agrees with the petition, he may then issue an order forcing the person who allegedly poses a risk to himself or others to surrender all of his weapons to the authorities.

For instance, if someone in Oregon thinks his think Crazy Uncle Joe (not to be confused with Crazy Uncle Joe Biden) is losing his mind, he can simply petition his local government to revoke Joe’s Second Amendment rights, as bizarre and potentially unconstitutional as that sounds.

Prior to 2018, only Washington, California and Connecticut possessed such laws, as noted by ABC News. Not anymore, though.

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Regarding California, which already suffers from an abundance of absurd laws, a comprehensive proposition passed last November has made it so that “(g)un dealers will need to get a certificate of eligibility from the California Department of Justice to verify they passed a background check,” according to local station KRON.

The full proposition, available for review here, mandates that online ammunition purchases “be shipped to a licensed vendor for transactions, meaning they will no longer ship to a buyer’s home,” according to KRON, and mandate criminals relinquish their gun if convicted of a serious offense.

As noted by the New York Daily News, a separate piece of legislation that went into effect Jan. 1 has likewise banned all firearms from school campuses, meaning school officials don’t even have the right anymore to decide for themselves whether their stuff should be allowed to conceal carry.

Now, remember how I mentioned “more gun laws only lead to even more gun laws?” I wasn’t kidding.

Sacramento station KTXL points out that starting in 2019, California gun owners who want to purchase ammunition will be required to pass a background check.

And according to the Sierra Star, it’s conceivable that Californians who own detachable magazines capable of carrying more than 10 rounds of ammunition will have to give up their magazines sooner rather than later.

Wonderful …

Given California’s propensity for draconian laws, it’s only a matter of time before it becomes necessary for the state’s residents to pass a background test before they breath the state’s air.

Excuse my cynicism, but if you ask me, there ought to be a background test — not to mention a common sense test — for anyone seeking to be a legislator in California.

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Because clearly, the people crafting the state’s laws don’t have a clue (or a brain).

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