New Study Shows Electric Cars Have Much Lower Quality Than Gas-Powered Vehicles


In a damning rebuke of the Biden administration’s rabid promotion of electric vehicles, a new study has concluded that EVs are inferior in quality to gas-powered cars.

Owners of battery-electric cars and plug-in hybrid vehicles report more problems than do owners of gas-powered cars, according to a study published June 28 by the consumer research company J.D. Power.

Researchers found that gasoline cars average 175 problems per 100 vehicles.

By comparison, generic battery-powered cars — excluding Tesla models — average 240 problems per 100 vehicles, while hybrids average 239 problems, according to J.D. Power.

Tesla EV models average 226 problems per 100 vehicles, the report said. The vehicles from Elon Musk’s company were listed separately “because the predominance of Tesla vehicles could obscure the performance of the legacy automakers that have recently introduced BEVs,” J.D. Power said.

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Since electric cars, on average, cost $10,000 more than gas-powered vehicles, this suggests that EVs do not live up to their hype of being a good value for the money.

This has been a constant refrain from climate alarmists and EV superfans, including President Joe Biden.

Would you buy an electric vehicle?

As it is, there are countless consumer horror stories about the numerous problems users have experienced with their electric cars, especially recharging difficulties.

Keep in mind that the EV market is powered by billions of dollars in “green subsidies” bankrolled by you, the taxpayer.

Ironically, these lucrative federal subsidies ultimately enrich communist China, which is the world’s No. 1 polluter.

Most EVs are powered by lithium-ion batteries — a market dominated by the communist giant.

“Due to heavy government subsidies, China dominates the global production of lithium-ion batteries and their precursor materials, especially graphite,” The Federalist reported. “China’s graphite production has notoriously contributed to significant pollution in the country.”

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So by aggressively pushing the mass use of EVs in the United States, Biden has spawned a counterproductive situation where U.S. government EV subsidies end up bankrolling China’s high-pollution production — all in the name of environmentalism.

As a reminder, Biden signed an executive order in August 2021 to make electric cars comprise half of all new vehicles sold in the United States by 2030.

He claimed this was necessary to combat “climate change.” In reality, the move was a strategy to make gas-powered cars a relic of the past.

This new study shows the result of Biden’s destructive energy policies is Americans spending more money on inferior-quality vehicles.

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