Newsmax Host Takes to Live TV to Show How Seized Trump Classified Docs Fit Into One Box: 'Something Isn't Adding Up'


Newsmax host Greg Kelly has punched a major hole in the establishment media’s reporting about the number of classified documents authorities claim former President Donald Trump left the White House with.

Trump has been indicted for that as the Justice Department, which answers to President Joe Biden, seeks to put him in prison for the rest of his natural life.

The country’s 45th president faces hundreds of years behind bars for alleged violations of the Espionage Act and other crimes, so says special counsel Jack Smith with all of his conflicts of interest.

The latest overblown witch hunt has Democrats giddy and their media sycophants plastering images of rooms full of boxes on TV and online.

The number of boxes sent on co-host of ABC’s “The View” into a disgusting erotic fit on Monday.

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Other partisans online have shared pictures of boxes from the DOJ that make it appear as though Trump packed up a U-Haul truck with government secrets and stashed them in a bathroom in Florida:

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Kelly demonstrated the truth about all those boxes on his show Monday night and again on Twitter Tuesday morning.

Nothing of any relevance to the government’s supposed case is in any of them.

In fact, as Kelly pointed out, the number of documents that were found to be classified actually fit in one box — with plenty of room to spare.

Newsmax had “Something isn’t adding up” at the bottom of the screen as Kelly discussed the documents.

Kelly tweeted, “Important: The CORRUPT Department of ‘Justice’ is trying to TAINT the American People (and Jury Pool?) w/ALARMIST photos that mean NOTHING! This is an absolute HOAX. (PS: the deep state ‘Leak’ classified docs ALL THE TIME to the Fake News who have no ‘clearance’!!).”

Kelly’s claims are backed up by reporting from The Washington Post over what the FBI found at Mar-a-Lago last summer when it raided Trump’s home:

“Inside the boxes, archivists found 197 classified documents, some extremely sensitive, the government alleged in court filings. That discovery set in motion the chain of events that led to the unsealing Friday of a 38-count indictment against Trump and Walt Nauta, a trusted servant.”

The federal government and the media are coming after Trump with everything they can collectively muster.

A casual viewer of this latest witch hunt might see images of Trump’s private residence and the boxes and come to the conclusion the former president was living among hoarded government secrets.

As Kelly brilliantly pointed out, that is simply not the case.

Trump might be guilty of needing to make some time better utilize his space.

But per usual, the media’s collective portrayal of anything relating to the former president relies on dramatic overreactions, hyperbole and lies.

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