NFL Fans Stoop to Brand New Low... Brutally Attack 99 Year Old Grandma


The NFL seems to be a hotbed of division and nastiness recently… and it reached a new low this past weekend.

As if the flag-insulting, anthem-kneeling protesters or the teams full of felons weren’t enough, now you can add another reason to walk away from professional football: The fans.

On Sunday, the Philadelphia Eagles trounced the Minnesota Vikings 38 – 7 to secure their place in the Super Bowl — but it looks like good sportsmanship was as rare as a Vikings touchdown.

Widespread reports are now coming out about Eagles fans treating followers of the opposing team with absolute disdain, including incredibly crass and insulting gestures toward a 99-year-old grandmother.

“Here are the Eagles fans walking around South Philly taking shots at a 99 yr old grandma,” stated a Twitter post from Busted Coverage. (Warning: Link leads to strong swearing and severe loss of faith in humanity.)

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The included video, which we won’t place here because of the language, shows Philly residents literally parading through the streets with a “F— Millie” banner, while hatefully chanting the same words.

“This refers to Millie Wall, a 99-year-old Minnesota Vikings fan, who eight days ago attended her first playoff game after the team gifted her tickets,” reported City Pages.

“The ‘Millie Miracle’ started last week when the Vikings team gave the longtime fan tickets to the divisional playoff game against the Saints to celebrate her upcoming 100th birthday,” further explained the Star Tribune.

“After word got out that a die-hard nonagenarian Vikings fan would be at the game, fans looked to Millie as a beacon of hope.”

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What kind of people take a feel-good story about a century-old grandmother and turn it into trashy, crass insults? It turns out that this kind of behavior is sadly commonplace for many Eagles fans.

“After the Philadelphia Eagles won the NFC title on Sunday, the entire city exploded in an exuberant celebration. But there’s another side to this victory,” reported Yahoo Sports.

“Here’s what the Vikings fans described seeing: Vikings hats being stolen, put into urinals and urinated on; An Eagles fan pushing a Vikings fan to the ground and punching him in the face; Random acts of violence,” Yahoo continued.

Gee, why in the world are NFL fans turning off their TVs in droves? It’s a mystery.

A few bad fans shouldn’t tarnish an entire team, but numerous reports of violent and just plain nasty behavior from Eagles followers makes this trend hard to ignore.

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The frustrating reality is that treating other people like garbage seems to be all too common at NFL games. No sport is ever as squeaky-clean as it wants to present itself, but a basic level of human decency is still expected.

Football fans may need to step back after this season and ask themselves one question: Is it really worth supporting this with our time and money?

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