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Nikki Haley Exposes Dem Rep. Tlaib's 'Shameful' Hypocrisy on Border Crisis

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Former U.S. Ambassador Nikki Haley, known for her reserved personality, saves fierce objection and fiery criticism for when there are no other options.

And when she’s ready to fire — well, look out.

On Sunday, Haley unloaded on Democratic Michigan Rep. Rashida Tlaib, calling out her blatant hypocrisy for recently voting against a $4.6 billion emergency border bill despite having continually attacked the Trump administration and Republicans over migrant detention facilities.

“Unreal that Rep. Tlaib complains every chance she gets about the situation on the border yet when given the opportunity to add $4.6 Billion in aid you vote against it?? Shameful,” Haley said.

She concluded the tweet with “#YouDontReallyWantASolution.”

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According to RedState, Haley’s comment was in reply to a video posted by ABC’s This Week of an interview between co-host Martha Raddatz and Tlaib. During the discussion, Tlaib defended her decision to vote against the aid package, claiming that additional funds won’t help solve the problem.

“Three agents took me aside, away from my colleagues and said, ‘more money is not going to fix this,’” the freshman representative stated, adding that the agents explained that “this is a broken system.”

While some people tweeted that they don’t believe for a second that border agents would pull aside a controversial, far-left representative like Tlaib, it’s interesting to note that Tlaib never revealed what the agents said the right solution would be or whether she even asked.

Do you think Rep. Tlaib is making matters worse?

Those agents hypothetically could have argued for deporting undocumented families and encouraging them to go through the immigration process legally. That would help begin to fix the problem of the imperfect detention facilities and allow the Border Patrol to get back to doing its job.

One person tweeted that Tlaib “proved” the point of conservatives, saying that border patrol “did not sign up for babysitting. They should be protecting our border not changing diapers. Fix the loopholes! Send them back! Problem solved!”

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All in all, Tlaib’s argument falls completely flat. No one disagrees that the system at the border is broken. Right now, the border crisis is peaking and lawmakers need to come up with a viable solution.

Either it’s open borders and amnesty or it’s a wall and an empowered, fully-resourced U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency. Simply put, either we have laws, or we don’t.

Middle ground will not suffice.

Earlier this year, Tlaib tweeted that she wanted to “scream” over reports that border detention facilities are holding far more people than they’re intended to. In the case she referenced, a facility that has a maximum capacity of 125 people was housing roughly 900 individuals.

“I want to scream right now. I am so taken aback by the lack of outrage in how we are treating human beings in our country.”

Tlaib doesn’t seem to realize, however, that these detention centers were never meant to be filled up — without proper enforcement of immigration laws, the entire system disintegrates. And that’s what’s happening right now.

Deportation is not a bad thing — no one gets hurt and the laws that are currently on the books are enforced. Strong border agencies help keep America secure and the naturalization process intact.

Young lawmakers like Tlaib and New York Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez are exploiting the border crisis for political gain. If they truly wanted to help, as Haley points out, they would be part of the solution and not part of the problem.

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