NM Rancher Says She Gives Migrants on Her Property Food and Water So They Don't Hurt Her


Thanks to the catastrophic border crisis unleashed by the Biden administration, Americans who live in border towns are forced to appease the armies of illegal aliens who trespass on their property because they don’t want to get beaten or killed.

Amanda Adame is a rancher in New Mexico whose property is located near El Paso, Texas, on the border. She told Fox News’ “Fox & Friends” on Tuesday that she gives food and water to migrants who walk onto her yard after illegally crossing the border.

She said groups of illegal aliens trespass on her property several times a day, forcing her to become a caretaker as a self-defense tactic to protect her family.

“We don’t want to get hurt, so we feed and water them and try to get them to go on, or we come into the house and call the Border Patrol,” Adame told Fox News.

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The rancher said there has been a radical shift at the border since Joe Biden was installed as president: Not only are the illegal border crossings more frequent, but the behavior of the migrants is more brazen.

“The Biden administration just basically gave them the green light to come up,” she said.

When Donald Trump was president, migrants would stop when approached by Border Patrol officials. Now, the migrants try to get away, Adame said.

“When they saw a border agent before, they stopped and they waited. And now they keep trying to go,” she said.

These observations echo the experiences of Republican Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas, who witnessed human traffickers taunting and heckling Border Patrol agents as they smuggled migrants into the U.S.

Like millions of Americans, Adame doesn’t buy the disingenuous left-wing talking point that the migrant caravans flooding the border are “asylum seekers,” based on the fact that they run away from Border Patrol agents instead of seeking help from them.

Under U.S. asylum laws, the United States will consider providing asylum to individuals who qualify as “refugees.”

To qualify as a refugee, “an applicant for refugee status must demonstrate that they were persecuted or that they fear persecution on account of race, religion, nationality, political opinion, or membership in a particular social group.”

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You are not entitled to asylum simply because you’re poor in your home nation and want to level-up to a richer country.

That’s why the U.S. gives billions of dollars every year to countless foreign countries: to help them financially so they can help themselves by building up their own economies and improving their own nations.

It is unfair for legal immigrants and legitimate asylum seekers fleeing persecution to lose their places in line because swarms of illegal aliens jump in front of them every day.

Will Biden reconsider his destructive border policies this year?

It is also unfair to Americans, who are still reeling from the shutdown-induced recession and the fallout of the media-stoked race wars.

American tax dollars are being wasted to subsidize race-hustling grievance mongers and armies of illegal aliens who are openly defying U.S. sovereignty by bombarding its borders every day.

This is Biden’s America.

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