No Collusion, No Obstruction, Watch Democrats Dance on Their Own Graves


Let’s start from the premise that Jerrold Nadler, chair of the House Judiciary Committee is so full of crap that his eyes are brown.

He suffers from a case of political Diarrhea which will ultimately consume him and his cronies who absolutely hate the president and simply cannot help themselves — even in the light of Robert Mueller’s nothingburger which was handed to the attorney general over the weekend.

That said, we hope he continues along the path he is setting out on — impeachment. It will guarantee this president another term in office because the American public is simply not as stupid as Nadler and his fellow travelers think we are.

And then there’s Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, who thinks he’s way too important to lower himself to Nadler’s level. In point of fact, he’s much lower — if that’s possible.

Both of these clowns stand before lecterns and calmly, professorially, lie to the public. They sound a lot like Donald Sutherland’s college professor in the classic movie “Animal House.” Why, you’d think they actually a) knew what they were talking about and, b) were telling the truth.

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Truth be told, they’re Washington swamp hucksters who only want to make sure they hold on to whatever sliver of power they think they have and they see Donald Trump as the guy who can take them down by telling the American voter the truth.

They have a hard time believing that a) Trump could have been elected in the first place and b) a good share of the voting public — possibly a majority — likes him and approves of the job he is doing.

And they think that by doing everything possible to undermine Trump they will, somehow, gain the hearts and minds of the voters and vanquish the Trump dragon. You know, kind of like Lyndon Johnson won the hearts and minds of the Viet Nam’s citizens by bombing them into submission. Not.

The truth is that America is so much smarter than the brain trust of the Democratic Party that Democrats are heading for an extraordinary beat down in 2020. Think Ronald Reagan in 1984.

It’s not that we love Donald Trump — although many of us do. It’s that Trump has this bad habit of actually standing up for what he believes and doing what he promises. The Democrats aren’t scared that what the president proposes won’t work. They’re scared that it WILL work. That it IS working.

Yet the Democrats are shameless. John Podesta — whose emails were almost as embarrassing as Hillary Clinton calling half of America “deplorable” — was on CBS screeching that the report was not an exoneration of the president. Seriously? The poor dear.

Somehow, the party of tolerance and free speech has become the party of Fascist thought. The party which Jews endorsed has become the party of anti-Israel anti-Semitism. The Democrats are the best reason for Israel’s existence because they have proven that, put into power, another Holocaust CAN happen again!

It’s as if Firesign Theatre and Monty Python have taken over the Democratic Party. Actually, both of those early 1970s groups usually made more sense than the Democrats do these days.

Watching Democrats dance over what they still insist is the president’s political grave is like watching an alternate version of “Saturday Night Live.”

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We’ll see how funny they think it is in November of 2020.

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