'No One Told Me!' Watch Biden Utterly Fall Apart as NBC Anchor Asks Just a Single Question on Afghanistan


An Army investigative report outlined more details on the disastrous withdrawal from Afghanistan and included criticism of the administration by military officials. But President Joe Biden declared that he rejected this report.

In an interview with NBC News’ Lester Holt, Biden stuck to his guns and said that the withdrawal needed to happen.

In the 2,000-page Army report, which was released to the Washington Post, high-ranking military personnel faulted the administration and policymakers for not paying attention to what was happening in Afghanistan.

The report also revealed more violence and danger that the American military had experienced, but that had gone unreported.

Navy Rear Adm. Peter Vasely, who was the top U.S. commander on the ground during the evacuation, told investigators that the American military members would have been “much better prepared to conduct a more orderly [evacuation ] if policymakers had paid attention to the indicators of what was happening on the ground,” the Post reported.

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Vasely did not name particular policymakers in the report, but said that the inattention to the Taliban’s determination to take over led to a disaster for commanders trying to get their forces ready to leave.

When NBC’s Holt asked Biden about the report, Biden made an excuse that is more common among middle-schoolers than adults.

Holt mentioned military leaders were quoted as saying the Biden administration “ignored the handwriting on the wall.”

“Another described getting folks in the embassy ready to evacuate and encountering people who were essentially in denial of the situation. Does any of that ring true to you?” Holt asked.

“No. No. That’s not what I was told,” Biden said.

To hear this kind of blame-shifting from an adult, much less the president of the United States, should come as a shock. Normally, this is the type of excuse you hear from 11-year-olds trying to get out of trouble.

But Biden kept digging the hole as he answered more questions about the withdrawal.

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“You were told that the U.S. administration officials were prepared, they knew it was time to get out?” Holt asked again.

“No, what I was told … no one told me that … look, there was no good time to get out. But if we had not gotten out, they acknowledged that we would have had to put a hell of a lot more troops back in. It wasn’t just 2,000, 4,000,” Biden said. “We would have had to significantly increase the number of troops and would be back in this war of attrition.”

Biden kept stumbling along in his answer, but boldly said that there was no way to unite Afghanistan, so withdrawing was the “wiser thing to do.”

Holt gave Biden another chance to revise his answer by asking,  “I just want to clarify. Are you rejecting the conclusions or the accounts that are in this Army report?”

“Yes, I am,” Biden said.

Holt asked again, “So they’re [the reports] not true?”

“I’m rejecting them,” Biden said.

There were plenty of things that Biden could have said in answer to criticism over Afghanistan. He could have beaten around the bush and not answered the question. He could have even been boldly and endearingly honest about making a mistake. He could have apologized. (Sure, that was the most unlikely possibility, but it would have been better than what happened.)

But instead, he took the juvenile route with a “not my problem, not my fault” answer.

This, of course, puts him at apparent odds with his own military commanders, who were in Afghanistan and had very different conclusions.

But Biden does not seem to care about his own image or even the military, since he is so willing to shift blame and simply “reject” criticism.

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