'Not Even Bud Lite...Lost This Much': Ratings Showcase the New Normal for Fox News Without Tucker


The ratings of Fox News following the firing of its primetime host Tucker Carlson are in, and the network appears to have cratered its own audience through the decision.

An audience of roughly 1.48 million viewers tuned in to Fox’s 8 p.m. content on Tuesday, according to Mediaite — the first broadcast of that day of the week since Carlson’s firing.

By comparison, Fox averaged 3 million viewers for “Tucker Carlson Tonight” — more than twice as many viewers.

Even former progressive media host Brian Stelter noticed the gaping hole in Fox’s audience metrics.

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Megyn Kelly — herself a former Fox News host — compared the network’s firing of Carlson to Bud Light’s decision to market beer with transgender influencer Dylan Mulvaney.

“Bloodbath. Not even Bud Lite… lost this much of its customer base,” Kelly said of Fox’s business decision.

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Fox even took a significant ratings hit in the very first primetime broadcast without Carlson.

The newly-titled “Fox News Tonight” had an audience of 2.6 million last Monday — itself airing in the hours firing the announcement of Carlson’s firing.

“Tucker Carlson Tonight” had an audience of 3.2 million on the previous Monday.

It’s likely some Fox viewers even tuned in while unaware that Carlson had been hastily separated from the network, in a personnel move the company framed as a mutual decision.

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Hosting Fox’s primetime broadcast since 2017, Carlson routinely dominated his cable news competition in television ratings — with some broadcasts drawing audiences of as many as 3.7 million, according to Mediaite.

Carlson’s ratings success has left many viewers wondering exactly why the popular host was fired to begin with.

Some reports suggest that he had ruffled feathers with provocative off-screen rhetoric that roused the ire of Fox’s corporate management.

Fox News hasn’t revealed its plans for a permanent replacement for “Tucker Carlson Tonight.”

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