NYC Official Blames Age 86 Mother's Death on Trump Instead of Dem Leaders in Own City


Imagine being so full off hatred for the president that you would use the death of your own mother as political fodder.

That’s exactly what New York City Comptroller Scott Stringer, who lost his 86-year-old mother to the coronavirus this week, is doing.

Stringer disclosed that his mother, former New York Councilor Arlene Stringer-Cuevas, died after contracting COVID-19, and he is directly blaming President Donald Trump for her death.

The lifelong Democrat appeared Monday on CNN, where he described his mother as someone who “got involved in politics” early in her life and raised him to “believe in government.”

Stringer then immediately politicized his mother’s death, claiming the Trump administration hadn’t done enough for New York.

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“In New York City, this is playing out in so many families, and I’ve got to tell you, you know, Donald Trump has blood on his hands and he has my mom’s blood on his hands,” Stringer told host Anderson Cooper.

Stringer went on to explain to Cooper that his belief in government had apparently let him down.

“The government is supposed to protect our people, and we’re supposed to be able to protect our parents and grandparents,” Stringer said.

The entire interview was absurd, and Cooper, who enjoys portraying himself as an objective journalist, gave the Democrat no pushback.

Do you think President Trump is responsible for coronavirus deaths in New York City?

Of course, allowing outrageous claims to go unchecked is common regarding CNN’s coverage of the president.

This is the same network that essentially blamed Trump after an Arizona man died from drinking fish tank cleaner on March 25 because the ingredients sounded familiar to the common anti-malaria drug hydroxychloroquine, which has proven successful in treating COVID-19 for some patients — which the president has supported when administered under the care of a physician.

The entire story was — fishy. Still, CNN ran with it, just as it did with Stringer’s.

I understand the desire to blame someone when tragedy strikes. My grandmother passed away March 31 after living a productive, loving 83 years and 364 days on this earth. No funeral, no goodbye.

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That’s just life.

But CNN is exploiting Stringer’s story to further its agenda. Rather than attempt his hand at journalism, Cooper allowed Stringer to use his late mother as a political prop.

If the comptroller really wants someone to blame for his mother contracting the coronavirus, he could start by looking at the failed ideas of his fellow liberals.

Democrats have pushed for lax border security and fought travel restrictions for many years, and at the national level fostered an environment that led to the country becoming dependent on communist China for medical supplies and medicine.

Stringer could also blame New York’s liberal Democrats for not having themselves prepared for a pandemic in the country’s largest city.

New York Mayor Bill de Blasio repeatedly downplayed the danger posed by the coronavirus up until just a few weeks ago.

On Jan. 24, de Blasio told New Yorkers to “continue living as you have,” according to Fox News.

Days later, Trump banned flights coming from China and formed a coronavirus task force as he was fighting a partisan impeachment led by Democrats.

Democrats and CNN also mocked the very task force that is currently supplying the country with critical medical equipment for its “lack of diversity.”

On Feb. 14, de Blasio again downplayed the coronavirus threat, saying that “this should not stop you from going about your life … from going out to Chinatown and going out to eat,” Fox reported.

On March 2, the mayor urged New Yorkers to go out and see a movie.

On Feb. 24, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi encouraged citizens in San Francisco to attend public gatherings, walking in a crowd of people and saying, “Come to Chinatown, here we are — we’re, again, careful, safe — and come join us.”

On March 5, New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo downplayed the virus on Twitter, saying, “There are thousands of people in the hospital today with the flu,” and warning against “undue anxiety and fear.”

Now, these same liberal Democrats are blaming the president for a virus whose severity was unknown, thanks to China and the World Health Organization feeding the global health community false information about the disease.

If Stringer is seeking to point his finger in blame, there are plenty of directions to he can point it.

While the aforementioned Democrats downplayed the COVID-19 threat, Trump was busy assembling a strong group of leaders who went on to mobilize the entire country in a matter of weeks — and he got a head start while being impeached.

The far left and the establishment media will not let anything get in their way as they pursue any avenue to damage Trump politically.

No body count is too high, and no strategy is too low.

No subject is sacred — not even dead mothers.

It is always about one thing: Blaming Trump.

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