NYT Contributor Deletes Tweet About Lynching Pence - But We Got It


While most of the country’s horrible, biased, no-good activist reporters were nearly fainting over President Joe Biden’s inauguration on Wednesday, one man was still online reminding us that the left wants blood.

New York Times contributing opinion writer Will Wilkinson was trolling Twitter sharing his awful opinions. One of them was that former Vice President Mike Pence should be lynched.

Wilkinson — who is vice president of research at the Niskanen Center, a supposedly “moderate, nonpartisan” D.C.-based think tank — started off by prodding conservatives about the unity the left keeps saying is coming from Democrats led by Biden.

“‘Aha! Biden proposes policies I dislike. HIS CALL FOR UNITY IS A LIE!!!’ is all the forlorn conservative mind can seem to muster. Sad,” Wilkinson tweeted.

But the horrible, biased, no-good New York Times contributor wasn’t finished. In a second tweet, he called for the hanging death of Pence.

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“If Biden really wanted unity, he’d lynch Mike Pence,” Wilkinson wrote.

The tweet was deleted, and that was apparently expected by those who initially saw it. However, screenshots of the nasty post abound online, as do those of an apology Wilkinson apparently tweeted afterward.

“Last night I made an error of judgement and tweeted this. It was sharp sarcasm, but looked like a call for violence,” Wilkinson wrote. “That’s always wrong, even as a joke. It was especially wrong at a moment when unity and peace are so critical. I’m deeply sorry and vow not to repeat the mistake.”

Wilkinson has since protected his tweets from being viewed publicly by changing his privacy settings — essentially silencing himself on the platform.

We can only assume that had the lynching tweet been about a Democrat, Wilkinson would be without a job and a Twitter account right now. But the rules of social media decorum and cancel culture don’t apply evenly.

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Twitter did, after all, allow the term “#HangPence” to trend on its platform two weeks ago as it simultaneously purged conservative voices, including that of then-President Donald Trump. We know the leftists don’t care about unity or peace.

The Jan. 6 Capitol building incursion gave the technocrats and the Democrats a pretext to go after speech they don’t like. They’re feeling bold — perhaps too bold.

Wilkinson showed his stripes, but he shouldn’t be banned from Twitter — just as those who were silenced during the purge of conservatives should still be able to share their perspectives online.

But, of course, the leftists who run our country’s institutions don’t care about fairness, freedom of speech or peace and unity.

Still, we should all be glad people such as Wilkinson are online, as it gives them an opportunity to remind us of what is truly behind the “unity” veil.

Wilkinson’s decision to exile himself online is much more satisfying than any ban.

Of course, the real story here is that a person with such a low degree of moral fortitude is sought after for his opinions. If any of the country’s leftist rags is willing to offer a gig to a guy like Wilkinson, you know it’s the horrible, biased, no-good activist New York Times.

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