NYT Ed. Board Member Blames Trump for Water Main Break in Lib-Run NYC


A member of The New York Times editorial board appeared to blame a water main break in New York’s East Harlem neighborhood on President Donald Trump this week.

WPIX reporter Monica Morales shared an update on the water main break at a public housing complex, which she said had left at least 3,000 people without running water.

“DAY 2 NO RUNNING WATER: Hundreds of families in 3 buildings still don’t have running water at the Taft Houses in East Harlem. A water main break caused 9 buildings 3,000 people lost water service,” Morales wrote Monday.

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In what appears to be a textbook case of Trump Derangement Syndrome, Mara Gay, a member of The New York Times editorial board since 2018, retweeted Morales, and blamed the water main break on Trump by invoking his 2016 “Make America Great Again” campaign slogan.

After being reminded in her replies that New York is run by Democrats, Gay doubled down and insisted that the federal government was responsible for the broken water line.

Former Olympian Mark Lopez suggested that Gay take the issue to New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio, but The Times board member brushed off the recommendation and instead corrected Lopez’s spelling of the mayor’s last name.

“Public housing is a federal program administered by states and cities. Mayors and governors and especially the federal government have failed it for years. It’s ‘de Blasio,’” she wrote.

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Apparently, Gay is so blinded by her hatred for Trump that she feels he must have a hand in all the world’s unfortunate happenings.

Do you think establishment media elites hate President Trump more than they love America?

Is there anything the president can’t do? Despite being in India on Monday for an official state visit, Trump apparently still found a way to deprive the people of Harlem of water.

Luckily for the Harlem residents without basic utilities, WPIX reported all services were restored by Tuesday evening.

As for fixing Gay’s severe case of Trump Derangement Syndrome, there is no known cure. And her hatred for the president seems to run very deep.

Consider the triggered liberal’s appearance on MSNBC during the network’s coverage of the Trump impeachment trial in the Senate late last month.

She told a panel that included disgraced former “NBC Nightly News” anchor Brian Williams that the Republicans’ refusal to allow additional witnesses during the trial was causing a “total collapse of faith in American institutions.”

“I think if you are an American who believes the evidence that the House managers laid out, you have to be thinking to yourself tonight, ‘I need to get myself and everybody on my block and everybody in my family to a poll very quickly,’ because otherwise this president is not going to be held accountable,” she said.

Gay also told MSNBC that Republicans remind her of defenders of the “Jim Crow South.”

“I have to say, as somebody who grew up with a father who grew up in the Jim Crow South and in Jim Crow Detroit, a lot of what this has looked like from the Republican side, the kind of imagining and the farcical nature of this, the lack of good faith argument sounds very familiar to me, and it’s actually quite scary,” Gay said. “I think we’re in a very scary moment.”

Before joining The New York Times editorial board in 2018, Gay worked for The Wall Street Journal and the New York Daily News, according her bio on The Times website.

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