Has Nobody Noticed "Obscene" Action Taking Place in Obama Portrait?


Whenever men spread their legs while seated like normal guys, some high-strung leftist invariably accuses them of being so-called “manspreaders.”

Yet when former President Barack Obama’s official presidential portrait for the Smithsonian Museum’s National Portrait Gallery was unveiled this week, these whiners didn’t lodge a single complaint against the former president’s own clear-cut “manspreading.”

And oh, did he ever spread ’em wide.


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Let’s backtrack a bit and define “manspreading.”

CNN, which apparently cares very deeply about this issue, defines it as a practice that “involves the widening of a man’s legs while seated such that those adjacent must bonsai themselves into what little sittable space remains in a bus or airplane row. Or, in the case of subway benches, often abstain from sitting at all.”

Though I cannot recall a single instance of President Donald Trump and Russian President Vladimir ever invading someone else’s space with their own purported “manspreading,” this hasn’t stopped some leftists like MSNBC’s Chris Matthews from making an issue out of it anyway.

After playing a video of a meeting last year at the G2 summit between Trump and Putin, Mathews said, “(N)ote the manspreading there by the two gentlemen.”

Does Obama's "manspreading" concern you?

“The big story was the way they both engaged in the art of manspreading, widening their legs out as far as the wings of those chairs allowed them,” he continued.

That was “(t)he big story?” Really?

Granted, even Obama has been hit with the “manspreading” charge before. A so-called “guide to famous men manspreading” published by the Huffington Post last year included everyone from Obama to rapper Jay-Z, comedian Kevin Hart, actor Ben Affleck and even Senate Minority Leader Chuck McConnell.

But this time around, mum’s the word about his latest bout of “manspreading,” and probably because the left is so head-over-heels in love with his portrait.

“The Obama Presidential Portraits Are Here, and They Are Perfect,” reads a headline from GQ, referencing both Obama’s portrait and that of his wife, former first lady Michelle Obama.

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The reaction by liberals on social media has been similar:

They’re “perfect” except for the fact Obama is a big stinkin’ “manspreader,” you hypocrites. Shame, shame, shame.

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