It's Official: Biden Becomes First President to Shatter Worrying Record, and It Doesn't Look Like Things Are Getting Better


President Joe Biden extends his worrying record as a president who has gone the longest without holding a formal media briefing with each passing day, and the situation has grown so alarming that even the left-wing Washington Post is reporting on it.

As of Friday, Biden had gone 50 days since his inauguration without taking questions from the country’s Biden-obsessed and Democrat-friendly establishment media.

The president did address the country on Thursday where he took a dictatorial stance on a return to normal by telling us — if we behave — that we might get to spend the Fourth of July with friends and family in small groups.

Americans certainly don’t need his permission to celebrate Independence Day, but that was the stance he and his speechwriters decided to take.

Biden appeared fatigued and took no questions when addressing the ongoing coronavirus pandemic — which only fed speculation that he no longer has the cognitive ability to handle the tasks at hand.

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Biden read from a teleprompter and was presumably whisked away off to bed or in front of a television somewhere. We simply can’t know.

Jokes about Biden’s stamina, age and habits took over social media Thursday evening after the speech, but there is truly nothing funny about the situation. It was put into a broader perspective on Friday when The Washington Post, of all outlets, published a story noting the president’s absence.

Do you think Biden's staff is keeping him from the American people?

“After 50 days as president, Biden still hasn’t given a news conference. Critics and allies wonder why,” the paper noted.

Reporter Paul Farhi then made a few observations about the hermit presidency. While he’s late to the party, his perspective is one that should be welcomed by a country seeking leadership and transparency.

“Ronald Reagan and Bill Clinton both did their first one after just nine days in office. Barack Obama waited 20 days. And Donald Trump had been president for only a week before giving his first news conference, where he fielded questions alongside then-British prime minister Theresa May,” Farhi noted.

Citing the American Presidency Project as a source, Farhi noted that Biden “still hasn’t had a formal news conference since his inauguration on Jan. 20. Thursday was his 50th full day in office.”

“The seven-week stretch is the longest a new president has gone without meeting the press in the past 100 years, dating back to when Calvin Coolidge, a man known as ‘Silent Cal,’ was president… At this point in office, Trump had given five news conferences. Obama had given two, George W. Bush three and Clinton five.”

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White House press secretary Jen Psaki noted this past week that the president would soon hold a formal media conference, and said it would occur by the end of the month. She also refused to commit to a day or a time when such a conference would take place.

Americans need clear, bold and pronounced leadership right now as Biden’s policies wage war against working and law-abiding people. Rather than come out and explain those policies to us, the new president relies on the inept Psaki and others to relay the administration’s messaging.

By Monday, the hermit president will have gone 53 days without addressing reporters in an open forum. Meanwhile, his duck-and-cover approach to governance will apparently continue to elicit questions from every side of the political aisle.

At this point, nearly everyone seems to be asking the same question: where is Biden?

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