One of Princess Eugenie's Little Bridesmaids Thought Sarah Ferguson Was the Queen


Kids are fascinating little beings. They’re hilarious, honest and unpredictable — which is why, at times, they are not invited to weddings.

Weddings are seen as very formal affairs, with no room for loud, unexpected noises or general antics. But really, who isn’t amused by the shenanigans children get up to when they’re tasked with something like holding a pillow (with fake rings sewn on) or strewing flower petals?

At royal weddings, kids don’t have the same function as they do on this side of the pond. Instead of being called ring bearers or flower girls, they’re page boys and bridesmaids.

But they are every bit the same in spirit, as illustrated by one of the page boys at Prince Harry and Megan Markle’s wedding. Brian Mulroney gave viewers a laugh as they caught a glimpse of his reaction behind the unflappable Markle.

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At Princess Eugenie’s wedding, there were two page boys and six bridesmaids, including — of course — Prince George and Princess Charlotte.

But one of the bridesmaids, Theodora Williams, stole the show for a moment as they stood gathered on the steps and waved to the adoring crowd.

Spotting the mother of the bride, Sarah Ferguson, Theodora called out to her and asked, rather bluntly, “Are you the queen?”

Do you think Fergie should have answered in this way?

Of course, she wasn’t, and she turned to the inquisitive young lady, shook her head, and answered in the negative before continuing her way down the steps.

Undeterred, Theodora retorted “Are you a princess?” That seemed more amenable to Ferguson — after all, there are many princesses, but only one queen. It would be easier to pass for “a” rather than “the.”

She was probably trying to avoid a holdup and keep the ceremony moving along, and her answer has amused some and irritated others.

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Theodora got some flak, too, with some people remarking that if you’re in a royal wedding you should have the decency to know who the queen is — but come on. These are kids we’re talking about.

Maybe she genuinely didn’t know — Ferguson was wearing brightly colored attire, which the Queen has been known to do. But if Theodora did know that Ferguson was not the queen, then that little girl is far more savage than we could have known.

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