Op-Ed: Who Is Behind All of This?


As soon as she learned of Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s death, she ran to the Satanic Temple, entered for the first time and immediately became a Satanist. The usual.

HuffPost tells us this story so nonchalantly as if one were accustomed to making decisions like this. You know — getting a haircut, having a beer, allying with Satan.

So the left’s new bleaching endeavor is to normalize the devil. The grandmothers of our grandmothers used to say, “You are judged by the company you keep.”

The protagonist is Jamie, a lawyer and mother in her 40s who says she is “not the type of person who would normally consider becoming a Satanist,” which is reassuring, because for a moment we thought that Jamie was one of those people who would consider becoming a Satanist.

But just in case we doubt her word, in the article she is quick to explain that she often goes for a walk with her children to get ice cream and that she has a garage full of “scooters and soccer balls.”

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I think she is trying to tell us that she is a normal, loving mother, and that if she has joined the Satanic Temple it is only because Ginsburg’s death left her no alternative. I suppose that praying for the eternal rest of her soul was not an option for Jamie, who from now on — perhaps she is unaware — is the devil’s advocate.

Not to discredit her story: It is likely that the devil called Jamie urgently when he learned that Amy Coney Barrett could take the place of Ginsburg and end the culture’s open bar of death in the leading Western power.

After all, Satan can’t stand beauty, hates life and squirms at generosity. He hates Barrett and her beautiful family, and I highly doubt that he has the same minimal sympathy for a guy like Trump, who has ended U.S. warmongering and campaigned for the lives of the unborn.

Unless you have a soul the color of soot, it’s impossible not to admire Barrett. Her style. Her way of talking. Her precious family. And her sincere convictions.

Can you believe that someone would turn to Satanism because of politics?

She represents me. And she represents anyone who seeks beauty, goodness and truth. I apologize for my frankness: Ginsburg may have been an honest and hardworking lady, but the ideas she supported were a pile of crap.

No one has said that charity should be at odds with the truth. Ginsburg voted for all the left’s causes that seek to destroy the family and murder the weakest.

It’s no wonder Jamie ran into the arms of the Satanists. She was not fleeing fascism, as she believes, but rather good. And she was not running toward anti-fascist rebellion but toward evil.

Nevertheless, I don’t blame her: She may not know it, but Satan is the king of lies and has obviously deceived her.

Of course, the devil best deceives those who are willing to be deceived, that is, someone who says they are “not the type of person who would normally consider becoming a Satanist.”

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I have bad news for the Democrats. Satan is a dangerous ally. He — and in this he agrees with Kamala Harris — hates life, hates marriage and particularly hates the family, because it is the only moral education that is not in the hands of progressive and manipulative educators.

Imagine the gagging Baphomet must have suffered when he saw Barrett leaving the house with all of those beautiful, multiracial, kind and very well-behaved children.

HuffPost can dedicate as many articles as it wishes to normalizing Satanism. And that includes its determination to deny that the Satanic Temple has anything to do with Satan, which is like saying that Las Vegas has nothing to do with casinos.

Rolling Stone tried it in August: “The Satanic Temple is a religion that believes in benevolence and empathy among all people, rejects tyrannical authority, and advocates for common sense and justice.”

In the 19th century, even a wicked man like Baudelaire warned his favorite opium smokers of the present and the future: “The greatest trick the devil ever pulls is convincing the world that he doesn’t exist.”

These Satanic Temple guys live surrounded by Satanic symbology, demonic rituals and proclamations that seem to be drawn from the Biden-Harris moral program. They say they don’t worship Satan and I can’t think of a better way to worship him than by lying to themselves and others.

Just to give you a little perspective: Churches have been burning for months under strange circumstances. Evil is raging against Trump, a president who decides to bet on life and protect the unborn. And now Barrett.

You can leave the blindfold on as long as you want and keep reading HuffPost. You can continue to hate Trump and think that Biden is an exemplary Christian.

In reality, this is a free country and you can do whatever you want as long as you bear the consequences, including watching the Democrats ruin your country’s economy in less than six months.

But the truth is the roots of evil are being stirred, the most diabolical thing in society, and it may be that it’s because of something — even a small word or some fleeting gesture — we are doing well at this crucial moment in history. That is the beautiful part of this sad story.

As for everything else, Jamie’s supposedly casual and normalized path, feeling the call of the Satanic Temple and recounting it with proselytizing pride in the news, says little about Jamie but a lot about who is really behind it all.

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