Op-Ed: The Craziest Kentucky Derby Shows Donald Trump the Way


As a posthumous tribute to gonzo journalism, I have been following the Kentucky Derby with some chicken nuggets and barbecue sauce, a pack of Camel cigarettes and as much Estrella Galicia beer as I have been able to get my hands on. I’m a conservative, that is, formally, but I also like howling, cholesterol and throwing beer cans at the TV when my side doesn’t win.

When the colt named Authentic crossed the finish line first, the favored thoroughbred, Tiz the Law, seemed to be wearing a Joe Biden expression. And then, in the winner’s circle, when the jubilant and nervous Authentic hit and knocked his own trainer Bob Baffert to the ground, the animal took on a John Bolton expression.

I imagine Baffert exclaiming at that moment what the Spanish minister Pío Cabanillas used to say: “Everyone hit the deck, our guys are coming!”

This year’s Kentucky Derby has been like a great metaphor of the American election campaign, although I have not been able to identify Kamala Harris because no horse was devoted to biting the others during the race.

Hours before the historic competition we saw the rebirth, no less historic, of employment in the United States.

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This complicates things for the Democrats, who had gambled everything on the pandemic crisis to “recover” the White House, and I say “recover” because it’s the terminology that they themselves are using in their speeches, as if Washington’s official residence were theirs.

In the end, the left is always against private property except when it comes to taking what belongs to others. It doesn’t matter if it’s the White House, democracy or your savings.

During the derby, around the Churchill Downs complex, BLM protesters gathered, who are losing steam in the streets because the Democratic Party realized that siding with the violent is too much even for their own voters, who ultimately want to go out without anyone insulting, hitting or shooting them for being white, black or yellow. Who could have guessed?

In the end, Americans like freedom. Biden didn’t count on that. And there is only freedom if there is law and order, which is Trump’s favorite Twitter rallying cry in this presidential campaign with a pre-revolutionary atmosphere.

Do you think President Trump will win re-election in November?

There are naive Americans who still believe that the next election consists of electing the moderate Biden or the angry Trump. You’ll see when they discover that unicorns don’t exist either.

Neither is Trump that furious, but rather one of the least bellicose presidents in history, nor is Biden remotely moderate except in the area of common sense.

The only thing that is really to be decided in the next election is whether the United States remains the capital of the free world or commits suicide by handing over the prosperity of its families to those who are flooding the streets with terror.

It’s one thing to enthusiastically upload a BLM post to Instagram, like any communist Hollywood millionaire, and quite another to hand over to the leaders of the revolution the keys to your family’s bank account and your businesses.

It’s true that Joe Biden wouldn’t be able to destroy the country in four years, but the thing is that as evil as he is, he lacks certain talent and energy. That’s where Kamala comes in, who for lack of good talent has a bad attitude, almost as bad as Nancy Pelosi when she leaves a beauty salon and meets journalists.

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And be that as it may, the Biden-Harris program is the greatest threat to freedom that has loomed over the country in decades. All they aspire to do is control: money, property, education, consciences.

The Biden-Harris duo is like a bad mother-in-law, but a bad mother-in-law who has been convinced by CNN that the economic prosperity of the United States depends on betting on “a revolution of clean energy and environmental justice,” the typical electoral promise that sounds very academic but then only consists of making the middle class do the dishes by hand.

The alternative to Biden is an economy that continues to expand, as it was before the pandemic that Xi Jinping affectionately sent us, which is the kind of ally Democrats want to have in that recurring Freudian leftist dream that leads them to always embrace the criminal, be it Fidel Castro, Nicolás Maduro or the guy who cuts his hair with a Black and Decker whose name I remembered best this morning before starting to toast Authentic.

Ultimately, the alternative is a country that works, that takes care of its internal affairs before starting to fix the rest of the world, that is committed to the free world, to peace and to capitalism as the chief antidote to poverty.

In a way, what is at stake in the next election is not that Pelosi has a beauty salon all to herself in the White House, although that too, but rather the individual freedom of Americans to do what they want with their lives, with their property, their beliefs and their money.

Of the kind smiles of Biden, a puppet in the hands of the far left, one could mimic what Uncle Fred said to the Duke in Wodehouse’s novel: “It’s not that I don’t trust you, Dunstable, it’s just that I don’t trust you.”

The metaphor of the unexpected Kentucky Derby victory is powerful and reminds Democrats of the worst election nightmares of 2016. But 2020 is different. Today, Trump remains the only retaining wall against cultural Marxism.

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