Op-Ed: If Democrats Lose in 2020, They Will Do Anything To Stop 4 More Years of Trump


It’s a sad truth that we can still learn a lot about adults’ bad behavior from children playing in the schoolyard.

Remember the kids who refused to play unless they were promised to be allowed to win?

That’s the deal Democratic leaders are demanding once more in the upcoming election.

The so-called Democrats, ironically, have resiled from the democratic process. They’re demanding to win on the threat that if we don’t let them win they’ll continue with four more years of mayhem and obstructionism targeting all executive initiatives — good as well as bad.

Nothing good must ever be allowed to happen in a second Trump term. The “everything President Trump does is evil” obsession must be maintained at any cost.

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Democratic leaders are now speaking the language of hate, not the language of rational debate that underpins a constitutional democracy.

Democratic leaders have resorted to a puerile party election platform: “If you don’t let us win we’ll disrupt the whole country. We’ll encourage the mobs and the rioters to frustrate any progress or reform. We’ll use the Congress and the courts to undermine Republican authority and in our blue states we’ll continue to foster dissension and rebellion.”

Democrats’ Four Years of Disgrace as Sore Losers

Hatred in politics is irrational. It should be allowed no foothold in a dedicated democratic republic that relies on electing to Congress representatives of maturity and integrity who will cooperate with the executive branch of government in all that is good and act responsibly as a check and balance on anything that isn’t.

Do you think the Democrats will refuse to accept the results of the election if Trump wins?

The check-and-balance role is an honorable one that should be exercised with honesty and moderation. There’s a big difference between constructive criticism of the executive’s policies and constant, unrelenting ad hominem abuse of the president.

True democracy is the art of respectfully negotiating ideas and policies in good faith for the good of the whole country. It should never degenerate into the gross spectacle of cock-fighting political personalities ready to trash the nation in order to reverse election results.

From day one after the last U.S. election, disgruntled losers were enraged, marching and shouting, “not my president!”

For four years now, hatred for an elected president has sought to cancel the results of the democratic election of 2016. So much time and money have been wasted in the crazed pursuit of impeachment of the president, all amid relentless vilification and character assassination.

Democratic leaders, egged on by left-leaning media, reverted to the kind of temper tantrums usually associated with toddlers.

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In political discourse, hatred breeds irrationality and viciousness. If government policies are to be tuned to the common good for ordinary people, their families and their communities, hatred is no fit tool for that purpose.

Democrats Ignoble in Opposition

Four years ago, generally hostile media led by the likes of CNN and The New York Times began their disgraceful and unrelenting anti-Trump campaign.

Democratic leaders applauded the anti-Trump focus of the Women’s March on Washington. Progressives decided that the president (having been elected by ignorant “deplorables”) must not be allowed to serve his four-year term. They set about removing him.

This obsession to remove the duly elected president has not let up.

After four wasted years spent in venomous opposition, anger and frustration still drive Democratic leadership to seek vengeance rather than reconciliation and a way forward.

Ordinary American Democrats have been short-changed by their party leadership. Instead of exercising checks and balances in a reasoned and dignified way for the duration of their elected term, Democratic leaders resorted to spitting the dummy.

Their disappointment at losing an election they’d expected to win was not handled well.

Democrats’ Brilliantly Simple Election Campaign

In not accepting the results of the last election, Democratic leaders have put in jeopardy a responsible and peaceful exercise of democracy in the coming election.

Irresponsible toleration (mainly by Democratic governors and mayors of riots) of looting, arson and violence has sent a clear message to voters: “See, there will be four more years of this if Democrats aren’t allowed to win!”

It’s a brilliantly simple election campaign. Democratic leaders are refusing to rein in the terrifying unrest in blue states. This is the crude antithesis of democracy. It relies on terrorizing voters with graphic threats of what will happen if Democrats don’t win.

This subliminal message is being relayed ceaselessly day and night through every media outlet and hand-held screen.

Indeed, while the chaos continues to be livestreamed everywhere, Democrats need not spend even one dollar on election ads.

The politics of hatred and violence have drowned out the politics of aspiration and hope.

“We Hold These Truths” … But Only if We Win

When future historians look back to the conduct of the Democrats’ leadership following the 2016 election, they’ll puzzle over what brought these eminent politicians to such a meltdown.

Upon the election of President Trump, what caused the Democratic leadership to freak out? What motivated elected Democrats to reject so vehemently the cross-party cooperation that we all know is needed to make constitutional democracy work?

A political party that has come to believe that it is the one and only party that should be allowed to govern the republic should have no place in any genuine democratic system.

The appalling truth is that the Democratic leadership has abandoned democratic principles and is working towards a socialist one-party voting system rigged to guarantee electoral dominance indefinitely.

The clear message emerging from the lost spirit of democratic partisanship during this term — four years wasted in querulous and destructive noncooperation — is that Democrats won’t play unless they’re allowed to win. No win, no cooperation.

No genuine constitutional republic can survive such subterfuge.

Only Trump and the Republicans stand now between maintaining the rule of law and caving in to the anarchy of a Democratic Party that has shifted so far to the left that it is now held hostage by a woke quasi-religious ideology.

A Dearth of Democratic Policy

Eighteen weeks out from the election, Democrats have only one policy: “Get rid of Trump.”

They have no credible policies to fix the chaos. They seem to believe that once President Trump is gone the economy will automatically right itself and social stability will magically reappear just because they’re back in power.

The Democratic leadership’s continuous stream of enraged ad hominem hysteria against the president has produced nothing good for the nation in these four years.

Their reckless impeachment attempt was the product of a malevolent obsession of unbalanced minds unable to admit or accept defeat with any dignity or rational forbearance. A party that cannot be trusted in Congress to apply checks and balances responsibly is hardly to be trusted with the executive powers of the presidency.

Indeed, this malevolent obsession with unseating the president has been coupled to a shonky new draft platform of half-baked woke ideas that will not bring back genuine jobs and economic security for all.

As the Democrats try to ride the whirlwind of violence that is driving this craze for cancel-culture revolution, they’re taking foolhardy risks not just for themselves but for all Americans, their children and their children’s children.

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