Op-Ed: Pence for President? He Doesn't Have a Chance in 2024


When I heard that Mike Pence was considering a bid for the office of president, my first thought was, “How self-delusional is he?”

I liked Pence when he served as vice president under President Donald Trump. I still remember the inspiring speech he gave on Aug. 23, 2020, at Fort McHenry.

Fort McHenry is where valiant Americans made a stand for our republic and turned the tide of the second battle for independence known as the War of 1812.

Having already marched on Washington, D.C., and burned both the White House and the Capitol, the British set their sights on Baltimore Harbor, with its only defending fort being Fort McHenry. Just before the attack, a Washington lawyer had come to Baltimore and boarded a British ship to negotiate the release of American civilian prisoners of war. When he accidentally overheard the plans to attack Fort McHenry, he was himself taken prisoner.

On Sept. 13, 1814, at least 16 British warships sat offshore just far enough so that the cannons in the fort could not reach them, and proceeded to bomb the fort for the next 27 hours. To his horror, the American lawyer stood on board the British vessel on which he had been taken captive and watched the battle through the night.

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It was a stormy evening and the fort was flying its storm flag, which measured 17 feet tall and 25 feet long. This flag suffered much damage during the night. Early the next morning… the American flag came down.

On the British warships, it was expected that a white flag of surrender would be raised, but instead, inside the garrison, the American commander found a ceremonial flag that was even bigger than the storm flag. It was 32 feet tall and 40 feet long. This was the flag that he raised over the fort.

Nearly out of ammunition, the exhausted British called off the attack when they saw the massive ceremonial American flag replace the tattered storm flag. The British had clearly gotten the message: The American patriots had no intentions of surrendering.

In the dawn’s early light of Sept. 14, 1814, seeing the enormous American flag raised over the fort and witnessing the British break off the attack and withdraw their fleet, the captured American lawyer named Francis Scott Key was inspired to write a poem he entitled “Defence of Fort McHenry,” which was later put to music and became “The Star-Spangled Banner,” our nation’s anthem.

Should Pence run for president?

So Fort McHenry’s history is about making a stand against seemingly impossible odds.

Unfortunately, that is not what Mike Pence did. Pence had the opportunity as president of the Senate to suspend or even reject the electoral count from states where questionable activities had been widely suspected. Bloomberg states that at least 253 state and federal officials backed the claims of a stolen election. Of course, ignoring objective data, Bloomberg calls the claims “false,” with no evidence provided.

Pence could have suspended the electoral count for 10 days and allowed an investigation of the vote-counting to be conducted. In just 10 days, we could have determined if we have a can of worms in our voting system or if claims that the election was stolen were fraudulent, as we have been told we have to believe for the past two years. Just 10 days could have settled this mess.

If Pence could not have done anything to stop the election process, then why did Liz Cheney, immediately after the 2020 election, bring forward and get passed by liberals legislation changing the powers of the vice president to “make it harder to overthrow an election”? Pence is the one person who could have changed things.

But no, instead he voted to accept the Electoral College results, even shaking the hand of Nancy Pelosi after the process.

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You remember Nancy. The lady sitting behind Trump after he gave one of the greatest State of the Union addresses that our country had ever heard. At the end of the speech, on international television, Nancy dramatically destroyed her official copy of the speech, which was a National Archives document. Where is the FBI? Nancy’s actions were clearly planned and premeditated, for she tore the edges of the document during the speech so her dramatic ripping of the paper could go off without a hitch at the end.

Think about that, and consider what would have happened if someone did that behind Vladimir Putin on international television. I wonder what the weather is like in northern Siberia — that is, if the car carrying the offending party didn’t stop in a heavily wooded area to feed the wolves. Of course, contrary to the story of Jezebel’s fate, there are some things that even wild dogs won’t eat.

Now Pence thinks that by writing some anti-Trump book, right when Trump makes an announcement to run for president, it’s going to help his own bid for the White House? Pence is delusional. He is right up there with Cheney, who spent all of her time in Congress voting for frivolous articles of impeachment against one of the greatest presidents our nation has ever had.

Maybe we should have a Pence-Cheney presidential ticket. That would be the only way Biden would have a hope of winning again. Perhaps Pence-Cheney could be the Democratic ticket?

Pence has left us with the mess we are in now. Is our system of voting free and fair? That is a good question, with even Politico recently asking about tampering with easily hacked voting machines. But let’s consider a hypothetical. If a thief robs a bank and gets away with the crime, only to find himself later in need of money, what do you suppose he might do? I think voting works the same way.

Concerning Pence’s book, is there a worst seller’s list that it has a chance to make? Well, at least it might give people something to burn for heat during Biden’s cold winter. Personally, I think I will save my money to purchase a blanket.

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Richard Blakley is a Ph.D. in inorganic chemistry and an ordained minister of the gospel of Jesus Christ. He also has a radio ministry, television ministry, campground ministry and retirement home ministry in which he and his wife of 38 years and their three lovely daughters all serve together.