Op-Ed: Trump's COVID Response Proves He's the Ultimate Wartime Leader


Almost every president eventually confronts a full-blown national crisis. Few have faced challenges as great as the one posed by the coronavirus pandemic. None have led the nation through times of trouble as effectively as President Trump.

It was one thing for the businessman-turned-president to deliver on his promises to create a booming economy, secure genuinely fair trade deals with allies and rivals alike, and rebuild the U.S. military during times of normalcy.

This president’s success at leading the war against our nation’s invisible enemy while simultaneously keeping other threats at bay, however, has thoroughly disproved the doubters who questioned whether someone with no prior political experience could cope with the stress of managing an unexpected emergency.

I contend that our wartime president has consistently demonstrated the ability to foresee the range of possible outcomes from his decisions and act in the best interests of the United States.

Time and again, President Trump has been ahead of the curve, even in the midst of unbelievably biased scrutiny.

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He was ahead of the curve on securing our border, tackling the three-headed monster of drug smuggling, child trafficking and illegal immigration.

He was ahead of the curve when it came to clamping down on China’s abusive trade practices.

More recently, his travel restrictions on China at the start of the coronavirus outbreak saved countless American lives, as even those who initially criticized this decision have been forced to reluctantly admit.

The contrast between our president and his predecessors is striking. President Obama’s refusal to secure the southern border led to a massive increase in drug trafficking, putting American communities directly at risk.

Do you think President Trump is doing a good job balancing his response to the coronavirus with other concerns?

Inheriting that problem, President Trump launched a massive effort to stop illegal drugs from entering our country — and as his success has made it harder to bring drugs across the southern border by land, he’s begun deploying warships to the Caribbean as countermeasures against seaborne smuggling operations.

While Democrats continue to politicize the coronavirus pandemic for the sake of pushing their own political agenda and slamming the Trump administration, President Trump is laser-focused on saving American lives.

While stopping the spread of the virus is certainly the top priority at this moment, the president has not forgotten about the hundreds of thousands of preventable American deaths that happen every year.

Our commander in chief remains focused on the big picture, even as he directs the nation’s war against the coronavirus, knowing that fighting opioid addictions, preventing the exploitation of women and children and protecting American jobs will save lives just as surely as producing more ventilators and limiting the spread of the virus will.

This is a leader who can lead on multiple battlefronts simultaneously, masterfully delegating responsibilities to world-class experts while swatting down a constant barrage of unwarranted attacks from his critics and rivals.

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This president eats a double-decker stress sandwich every morning with a smile, and somehow it seems to fill his heart with renewed resolve to make this nation greater than ever before on behalf of all Americans. His reward from the unbelievably biased and vindictive mainstream media has been nothing but ridicule.

Nonetheless, the unfair treatment that Donald Trump has been subjected to from the very beginning of his presidency has clearly prepared him for the challenge he’s facing today.

President Trump is facing a crisis greater than most presidents ever face, and he’s handling it masterfully.

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Jaco Booyens, a native of South Africa and an American citizen, actively fights against child sex trafficking in the USA and globally, giving aid to and linking with agencies such as the TSA, FBI, CIA, ICE, Homeland Security and local police departments. Jaco also serves as a fellow at the Falkirk Center at Liberty University and is the founder and CEO of After Eden Pictures.