Op-Ed: Will We See Justice for the COVID Vaccine Cover-Up?


Last September, WXYZ-TV in Detroit posted on social media asking if people had lost loved ones to COVID-19 even after the vaccines had been made available to everyone. Seemingly, they were hoping to receive a large number of testimonials from people who would claim their losses were due to their family member’s refusal to receive the vaccine.

However, the response was the polar opposite: The network received an overwhelming number of replies from vaccine-injured individuals, as well as those who had lost loved ones shortly after they were vaccinated.

Some of the testimonials were as follows:

“I lost vaccinated family members to COVID. Why don’t you talk about that instead?”

“My Father-in-law ended up in the hospital with a stroke after the first jab…months later he still is not recovered… he was a very healthy 60-year-old prior…why not do a story on that?”

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“My father passed away from a blood clot ten days after his second vaccine dose. I am fully convinced my father would still be alive today if he had not taken the vaccine.”

There are thousands of similar statements on that thread of over 250,000 comments. When I came across the thread, I reached out to my local news networks to see if they would investigate COVID vaccine injuries and deaths.

I contacted six major news networks and a prominent newspaper with about 40 screenshots of the testimonials, as well as a link for them to review; I only heard back from one reporter, who stated, “I appreciate this information very much. As media outlets, we all need to do a better job presenting both sides of the COVID vaccine story. All we hear is ‘you’re nuts if you don’t receive the vaccine.’ I would like you to send this same email to [redacted]. That email will be sent to our entire newsroom. Thanks, Rashad, for caring enough to request more balanced coverage!”

After receiving this response, I was hopeful that the network might run a story. Those hopes quickly vanished when I forwarded the email but never received a reply.

Do you think the COVID-19 vaccine is effective?

Why do I mention this? Last month, a documentary was released entitled “Died Suddenly.” The filmmakers interviewed various board-certified doctors, who documented the exponential spike in deaths among people ages 18 and 49, and the vast increase in stillbirths. Most telling were the testimonies of embalmers who described anomalies they found within the blood of the deceased: bizarre, fiber-like structures in blood vessels, as well as abnormally sized blood clots.

Moreover, it has also been revealed that more COVID-19 deaths occur in vaccinated people than in those who are unvaccinated. Despite the ineffectiveness in preventing infection and transmission of COVID-19, government officials and a multitude of television ads still encourage people to get vaccinated. Many employers and universities still require the COVID-19 vaccine for their employees and students, respectively.

Why are most media outlets and politicians (both Republicans and Democrats) silent and seemingly unconcerned regarding this unprecedented spike in deaths and injuries that seem to point to the COVID-19 vaccine?

From the very beginning, there has been a significant outcry from the public (as noted above) that now is supported by qualitative and quantitative data from the COVID-19 vaccination program. What is more problematic is the authority figures keeping this program in place regardless of the troubling data and testimonies.

Should not the American public demand an investigation? Should this not be a non-partisan issue? Should not the COVID-19 vaccination program be suspended? In my view, if we do not get into the fight to demand an investigation into medical malfeasance at the highest levels of the U.S. government, we are not doing our job as American citizens.

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Please contact your representatives to share your concerns regarding the COVID-19 vaccination program. Additionally, I created a petition a year ago on this very issue. If you want an investigation, please sign and share the petition with others.

Lastly, pray and ask the Lord to intervene and judge those culpable for the Americans who have been injured (or in some cases died) because of this unethical program.

May the Lord grant us justice.

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