Follow the Money: Oprah Net Worth Skyrockets After Presidential Rumors


After talk show host, actress and all-around celebrity Oprah Winfrey delivered a speech at the Golden Globes award show this Sunday, the stock for Weight Watchers reportedly jumped by over 12 percent.

According to USA Today, Winfrey currently serves on Weight Watchers’ board and purchased $43.2 million worth of the company’s stock in 2015. Moreover, the stock’s value “jumped 12.2% in trading Monday to close at $52.62, up $5.71.”

TheBlaze notes that this means Winfrey would have earned “$36 million from Friday to Monday” had she sold her shares before the final bell. That’s true, though by Tuesday morning the stock had ranged even higher, peaking at $54.37.

Now, flashback to 2015, when Oprah invested $43.2 million in Weight Watchers. At that point the stock was valued at $6.79 per share, meaning she bought roughly 6.36 million shares. If she had sold the shares Tuesday morning, she’d have made roughly $345.79 million in profit.

Does this mean anything? Some cynics are wondering whether this sudden uptick in Weight Watchers’ stock price is related to the calls for Winfrey to run for president that began appearing following her speech.

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Correction: That began appearing during her speech. As the Conservative Tribune pointed out Monday, during Winfrey’s speech NBC published a tweet that essentially declared Oprah Winfrey to be America’s next president.

Following the speech, this same sentiment began popping up all over the internet and mainstream media, with countless liberals practically begging Winfrey to run:

Some believe that this newfound movement to push Winfrey toward an election bid is awfully coincidental, especially given Weight Watchers’ stunning performance Monday.

They’re particularly concerned about an announcement by CNN senior media correspondent Brian Stelter Monday morning revealing that Oprah has been “actively thinking” about a run:

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Did this announcement play a role in Weight Watchers’ stock performance?

At 10:02 am, when Stelter posted the tweet, the stock was at $49.40.

Now look what happened next:

Sure, it might all be coincidental, given that the movement to spur Winfrey into declaring her candidacy seemingly began without her assistance. And in fairness, it’s worth noting that Oprah’s speech at the Golden Globes — which liberals celebrated but conservatives found many faults with — made no mention of her even running.

But considering the unholy alliance between political power and financial gain that Democrats have mastered in recent years (see the Clinton Foundation), the suspicion is unavoidable.

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