Otto Warmbier's Mom Stands Up to Kim Jong Un: 'I Hate You So Much, But You Can't Hurt Me Anymore'


Nearly two years after their son’s death, Otto Warmbier’s parents are still seeking justice from the North Korean regime.

In 2016, the 22-year-old college student traveled to the dictator-led country with a group of friends.

Authorities arrested him while he was there, claiming that he tried to steal a propaganda poster.

Despite his emotional plea, he was convicted and held in prison for more than a year.

In 2017, under the Trump administration, Warmbier was sent home in an awful state.

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“We climbed to the top of the steps, and we looked in, and Otto was on the stretcher, across — in the plane, and he was jerking violently, making these inhuman sounds,” Otto’s father, Fred Warmbier recalled to “Fox & Friends” in 2017.

“Otto had a shaved head, he had a feeding tube coming out of his nose, he was staring blankly into space, jerking violently; he was blind, he was deaf. As we looked at him and tried to comfort him, it looked like someone had taken a pair of pliers and rearranged his bottom teeth.”

His parents claim their son was mercilessly tortured while detained under Kim Jong Un’s regime.

He died only a few days later.

President Donald Trump was critical of the country’s disregard for human rights during his 2018 State of the Union address and even invited Otto’s parents to attend the speech.

Otto’s parents, however, are still seeking justice for their son’s death.

In a media conference in Seoul, South Korea, on Friday, Fred and Cindy Warmbier said they are now seeking to expose North Korea’s assets that exist outside of the closely guarded country, the Daily Wire reported.

A part of that plan is to visit the border between North and South Korea to face the country that she believes is responsible for her son’s death.

“I’m hoping to visit the DMZ and say, ‘Hello, I’m Otto’s mom. I hate you. I hate you so much, but you can’t hurt me anymore, so I’m coming out to see you. I want to look you in the eye and see evil and face it and know that as good people, we will win,'” she said Friday.

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“We cannot give up, we can’t give them a pass. We have to fight with all of our power.”

Fred further explained why he and his wife are seeking to expose North Korean assets across the world.

“Cindy and my mission would be to hold North Korea responsible, to recover and discover their assets around the world,” Fred Warmbier said, “and we feel that if you force North Korea to engage the world from a legal standpoint, then they will ultimately have to have a dialogue.

“They are not going to come and have dialogue with us any other way.”

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