PA Lawmakers Get Firsthand Look at Arizona Audit, Immediately Call for One in Their Own State


Audit fever!

Reporting from the floor of the Maricopa County, Arizona, forensic audit currently underway at the Veterans Memorial Coliseum in Phoenix on Tuesday, One America News Network’s Christina Bobb announced that a delegation from Pennsylvania had just arrived. They were scheduled to take a full tour of the audit facility the next day.

“They’ve expressed interest in the Arizona audit and possibly replicating this in Pennsylvania,” she told viewers. “They are getting a behind-the-scenes tour tomorrow … They’re going to get to hear from the auditors exactly what is happening.”

“Of course, there’s been a lot of criticism about this audit. So, they have concerns that they want to see addressed, namely, is voter integrity maintained? Is the secret ballot maintained? Of course, if there’s any way that the audit could somehow be disparaging any certain demographic?”

“So, this is going to be an opportunity for them to get out and see exactly what’s happening in Arizona — and if they like what they see, take it back to Pennsylvania.”

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“I’ve heard a lot of rumblings,” she said. “We’ve heard from many of the senators that they are getting accolades from around the country and many other states are reaching out to them congratulating them on the work that they’re doing and thanking them for continuing the fight and staying in the fight.

“And I think once they realize that the Senate was honest and being real when they said, ‘Hey, we welcome any state to come take a look at this,’ then I think we’re going to start seeing other states follow suit.”

This is good news indeed.

The delegation included Pennsylvania state Sen. Doug Mastriano, state Sen. Cris Dush and state Rep. Rob Kauffman — all Republicans.

Obviously, the audit tour and the discussion with the audit team that followed impressed the Pennsylvania lawmakers. On Wednesday night, The Wall Street Journal reported that they have called for their own state to conduct a similar audit. There will be hurdles to overcome before that can happen, but Mastriano appears determined to move forward with it.

Perhaps the most striking oddity about the election results in Pennsylvania was that the state reportedly wound up with 200,000 more votes than the number of people who voted. According to state Rep. Russ Diamond’s website, there were 202,377 more ballots cast in the state than the number of voters who voted statewide.

In November, Mastriano organized a hearing on voter fraud in Pennsylvania. He invited election observers who had claimed they’d witnessed irregularities during their service to tell their stories. Former President Donald Trump’s then-personal attorney, Rudy Giuliani, participated and Trump himself called in to deliver a message to the attendees.

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I watched the hearing at the time and found it riveting. One of the most compelling witnesses was Gregory Stenstrom from Delaware County, Pennsylvania. He is a retired Naval officer, a data scientist, a forensic computer analyst and an expert in security and fraud.

His testimony provided a good idea of the types of irregularities that were reported by observers throughout the state during the election.

Stenstrom was a poll watcher in the city of Chester, Pennsylvania, in November. He described a wide variety of “irregularities.”

Stenstrom said that on Election Day, the mail-in ballot database had not been updated, so people would arrive at a precinct and report to poll workers that their vote wasn’t showing up in the system and that they’d like to vote. These individuals were supposed to be given a provisional ballot which could be checked against the database later on. Instead, Stenstrom said they were given regular ballots. He allegedly observed this happening at seven different poll centers.

According to Stenstrom, the supervisors were polite but took no action. So, he said he went down to the counting center which was located in a separate building. Stenstrom said he had been told there were 10 to 20 Republican observers there.

He told those at the hearing he arrived at the counting facility at 6 p.m. with four other men. They weren’t allowed into the facility until 11 p.m., and only after seeking legal assistance, according to Stenstrom.

Do you believe the state forensic audits will produce evidence of election fraud?

He and several others allegedly witnessed a warehouse supervisor repeatedly enter the room carrying baggies full of USB cards which he proceeded to insert into the voting machines.

This happened over 24 times, he said.

Stenstrom claimed he demanded to see the data he had entered, and he told the room there were 50,000 votes — all for President Joe Biden.

The fraud expert alleged that when questioned afterward, the warehouse supervisor denied he had done this.

After going through several legal hoops, according to Stenstrom, he was finally allowed into the counting room itself on Thursday for five minutes every two hours. He said a county solicitor with a stopwatch warned him not to touch anything.

The second time he was allowed in, he told those at the hearing he did some exploring.

Stenstrom, accompanied by other bipartisan poll workers, allegedly entered a back office room and discovered 70,000 unopened mail-in ballots in boxes of 500 each.

He said his colleagues all took notes on what they were observing.

The problem was that 120,000 mail-in ballots had already been counted, according to Stenstrom, though he was told there were 6,000 left to count.

So what could explain these ballots? Stenstrom said he never received a satisfactory explanation.

He believes that up to 120,000 ballots were questionable out of the approximately 300,000 cast in Delaware County. Stenstrom claimed he witnessed “an election process that was forensically destructive.”

“The notion of a recount in a forensically destructive process is — doesn’t work very well.” Stenstrom said he saw “a chain of custody, in all cases, that was broken.”

He describes a process that ended with the loss of the entire chain of custody.

“As of today, 47 USB cards are missing,” Stenstrom said.

In an interview following the decision by Pennsylvania lawmakers to call for their own statewide audit, the War Room’s Steve Bannon discussed next week’s expected visit to the Maricopa County audit site from a group of Georgia lawmakers with John Fredericks, the host of the radio show “Outside the Beltway.”

The audit fever seems to be catching on!

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