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Pat Sajak Wins the Internet: Check Out His Hilarious New Nickname for CNN

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CNN has been called “Fake News” by President Donald Trump and others.

Some have played with the network’s initials, using the letters for other names that describe the belief that the left-leaning media outlet is not living up to their duty as part of the Fourth Estate.

And they’re not complimentary.

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But now there is a new one and it may stick much the way Trump’s “Fake News” moniker has. This one comes by way of game show host Pat Sajak.

When he’s not entertaining millions as the congenial host of “Wheel of Fortune,” Sajak has been a public critic of the left and establishment media. Earlier this month he took aim at Hollywood and the Oscars.

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That suggestion is actually one some Americans would embrace.

Do you agree with Pat Sajak's new name for CNN?

One night to celebrate great movies and a separate night for the virtue signalling. The Motion Picture Academy’s declining ratings might actually improve overall.

In November Sajak hit Hollywood again, this time over celebrities’ seeming need to tell Americans how to vote.

Like many, Sajak’s viewpoint was that it might be best for the glitterati to stay out of politics.

Entertainers like Country singer Reba McIntyre have publicly stated that entertainment should be about entertainment and not politics. They believe their job is to entertain, not jump into the political fray.

Sajak’s current hit at CNN is not the first time he’s taken aim at establishment media. In October he used a play on The Washington Post‘s tagline about democracy dying in darkness to do so.

He’s taken other shots as well. In one, he noted the declining ratings, overall, for TV news.

Sajak’s current tweet about CNN reflects a growing sentiment across the United States that rejects the liberal narrative being pushed by establishment media.

If network executives are really looking for the reason Americans are moving away from relying on network news, they won’t have to look far. Especially at CNN.

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