Pelosi Rages at Trump's 'Illegal' Decision To Defund WHO


President Donald Trump’s decision to pull funding from the World Health Organization is welcome news to Americans tired of the United States dumping money into a pro-China group.

While many taxpayers see the change as a good thing, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi raged against defunding the WHO as a “dangerous” and “illegal” move.

Pelosi promised to challenge Trump’s brutal snubbing of the U.N. agency in a Wednesday statement.

“The President’s halting of funding to the WHO as it leads the global fight against the coronavirus pandemic is senseless,” she said.

The WHO’s leadership, or lack thereof, can best be seen in the opening days of China’s outbreak, when the global organization worked to spread the communist regime’s downplaying of the virus.

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More recently, the head of the organization has singled out rivals of China and accused them of racism.

Regardless of the health group’s failure to check the coronavirus pandemic, the House speaker seemingly lay the blame at Trump’s feet.

“But sadly,” Pelosi continued, “as he has since Day One, the President is ignoring global health experts, disregarding science and undermining the heroes fighting on the frontline, at great risk to the lives and livelihoods of Americans and people around the world.”

It should be noted that this is the same Nancy Pelosi who urged people to fill the streets and tour places in and around her California district in late February.

Is Trump right to defund the World Health Organization?

You don’t need to consult a global health expert to see why that was a bad recommendation during an outbreak of a respiratory virus.

“This decision is dangerous, illegal and will be swiftly challenged,” Pelosi concluded.

It’s unclear what laws Pelosi thinks Trump’s Tuesday decision to defund the WHO broke. So far, it looks like the only thing the president’s move did was distance America from a globalist organization headed by a man who was a communist.

The group’s refusal to challenge China’s early claims about the virus has no doubt helped throw the world into a pandemic.

By all appearances, this is a major blow for the WHO.

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Trump has claimed that U.S. taxpayers foot “between $400 million and $500 million” of the organization’s yearly budget. The president also said China pays less than a tenth of what Americans do.

For the whopping nine-figure yearly payment, the United States found only a pro-China group that was laughably unprepared for the coronavirus outbreak.

As America now fights against the onslaught of the virus caused by a globalist economy and a world health group, Trump’s America-first decision is looking better every day.

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Jared has written more than 200 articles and assigned hundreds more since he joined The Western Journal in February 2017. He was an infantryman in the Arkansas and Georgia National Guard and is a husband, dad and aspiring farmer.
Jared has written more than 200 articles and assigned hundreds more since he joined The Western Journal in February 2017. He is a husband, dad, and aspiring farmer. He was an infantryman in the Arkansas and Georgia National Guard. If he's not with his wife and son, then he's either shooting guns or working on his motorcycle.
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