Pennsylvania Mayor Refuses To Raise Pride Flag Over Its Ties to 'Political Movement'


The city council of Reading, Pennsylvania — a small city of about 90,000 residents — was set to fly a rainbow pride flag at the city hall in honor of the area’s LGBT celebrations.

However, Mayor Wally Scott did not approve.

According to the Washington Examiner, Scott blocked the city council — alongside city employees and members of the local LGBT chapter — just minutes before they were going to hoist the pride colors on Reading’s primary government building.

Jeffrey Waltman, president of the city council, noted that he didn’t have much time to discuss the mayor’s decision. In a panic, Waltman attempted to convince Scott to let the pride flag fly for just a few hours to appease the LGBT masses outside.

However, no compromises were made.

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“He has concerns for flying a flag for one specific cause because it could raise questions,” Waltman said, according to the Reading Eagle. “I didn’t even have time to debate that with him.”

“The mayor stated he supports the group, the cause but had concerns about raising the flag,” Waltman added.

Acting city manager Osmer Deming said that the mayor’s decision to prevent the LGBT flag from flying was due to city policy, which bars representation of political movements.

“The mayor’s position is that he does not support flags being up that support political movements and he views that as a political movement,” Deming said.

Do you think the mayor made a wise decision?

The mayor’s decision devastated the Reading group, who walked in solidarity with the LGBT movement. According to Reading Eagle reporter Jeremy Long, the marchers changed course and ventured to an area where the mayor is known to frequent.

Unfortunately for the LGBT crowd, Scott wasn’t there.

In addition, Tom Radar of WFMZ tweeted that representatives with Reading Pride were planning to file a discrimination complaint against the mayor for his decision to prevent the flag from being flown.

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Scott’s decision was honestly a smart one. If he decided to let the LGBT flag be hoisted above the city hall, a serious precedent would have been set that would be difficult to reverse in the future.

For example, white nationalists clubs, ANTIFA members, local communists and other controversial “political movements” would be able to fly their flag of choice — all because the mayor gave caved from political pressure from Reading Pride.

Thankfully, Scott didn’t do that — despite his public support for the LGBT cause.

America needs more Democrats like Reading Mayor Wally Scott in office, who stand by the law even when it’s unpopular. It’s called having a backbone and it’s why President Donald Trump is currently sitting in the Oval Office and Hillary Clinton is not.

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