The Persecution of Congressman Steve Stockman


As a principled limited government constitutional conservative, former Congressman Steve Stockman was a constant and very public critic of the oppressive government overreach of the Obama and Clinton administrations.

Now, at the hands of one of the attorneys involved in the Lois Lerner conspiracy against the Tea Party, he is facing 10 years in prison for charges three federal grand juries had previously refused to take up.

Stockman’s journey through the underbelly of the federal judicial system began when he filed a House Resolution demanding the arrest of Lois Lerner for contempt of Congress. Within two weeks of that constitutionally protected action, the FBI was at then-Congressman Stockman’s door and he became the subject of a three-year witch hunt.

It was not until the FBI used all their considerable resources to intimidate a former associate into pleading guilty and testifying against Steve that a fourth Grand Jury indicted him on charges that could have led to 283 years in prison.

And who was at the helm of this witch hunt?

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Raymond N. Hulser, a career Justice Department official copied by Lerner on emails arranging the undue scrutiny of the Tea Party and other conservative organizations.

But the three-year witch hunt that included going through Congressman Stockman’s email and text messages, breaching his attorney-client privilege, surveilling him in Washington, D.C., Houston and internationally, wiretapping his phone and having the TSA detain him and copy documents when he reentered the country was only the beginning.

Once he was arrested, in a continuing effort to intimidate and wear Stockman down, he was denied the insulin necessary to treat his diabetes and subjected to a constant barrage of political intimidation, including having the media tipped-off to the sealed indictment against him.

The indictment included a laundry list on specious charges, including alleged campaign finance violations never taken-up by the Federal Elections Commission, money laundering, fraud, conspiracy, and a host of other alleged violations for which there was little evidence and practically no defense against the allegations leveled by Stockman’s former associate.

And Stockman’s FBI persecutors weren’t even subtle about the motivation for his oppression, saying (according to witnesses), “You know Lois Lerner is our former colleague,” and taunting him with comments such as, “I hate the Wall,” and “I’m from Jefferson County, my Dad was friends with Jack Brooks (the liberal Democrat Stockman defeated).”

If all of this sounds familiar, it should, because these are the same heavy-handed tactics used against American citizens caught-up in the witch hunt being conducted against President Donald Trump.

Even though he will appeal his unfair conviction, today, Steve Stockman, the unyielding foe of government corruption and overreach sits in a federal prison unable to work or even help his wife Patty raise the money necessary to pay for his appeal — and that’s part of the corrupt strategy being pursued by those who want to get him out of public life — spend four years harassing the target and siphoning-off his resources, so that he is unable to defend himself.

Steve Stockman is an old friend, a fellow limited government constitutional conservative, and the victim of a corrupt government vendetta. I urge you to go to the Conservative Legal Defense and Education Fund’s Patriot Defense Fund website and make your most generous donation to assist in Steve Stockman’s legal defense.

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