Hateful ESPN Personality Who Called Trump a White Supremacist Just Lost Her Job


Maybe ESPN’s Jamele Hill went too far last September when she tweeted a message to the world declaring President Donald Trump a white supremacist. Ever since, it seems she has been in the headlines for one controversial move after another.

Now she’s officially out at ESPN.

The New York Post reported: “The marriage between ESPN and Hill — the controversial sports commentator who waded into politics and sparred with President Donald Trump — has long been stuck in irreconcilable differences. Since leaving ‘SportsCenter’ earlier this year, she has barely worked, making a divorce the obvious conclusion.

Hill was a sports journalist for the network’s website “The Undefeated.” She formerly hosted a sports discussion show “His and Hers” which evolved into “SportsCenter 6” and was a writer for the network’s “Page 2.” She was a rising star at ESPN at the time the network seemed to be encouraging its personalities to voice their opinions on political issues.

But there’s been a management change at ESPN, and a much stronger push to limit the mix of sports and politics. Hill was viewed as being incapable and/or unwilling to mute her political views.

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A buyout of her reported $2.5 million per year contract has been completed and her last day will be Friday, according to sources.

Here’s the tweet that started the downward spiral of Hill’s controversial career moves.

And Hill didn’t back down after creating that controversy. In an appearance on “The View” she unequivocally stood by her comments.

Did Jamele Hill create her own demise at ESPN?

Appearing as a guest host in February on ABC’s “The View,” Hill was asked by co-host Meghan McCain if she still believed that Trump and his supporters are white supremacists.

“I still stand by what I said,” Hill replied. “I don’t think his supporters are white supremacists. What I would say though is that they have the benefit of privilege to be able to distance and disassociate themselves from certain issues.”

Hill was not disciplined by ESPN for her comments despite calls from the White House that she should be fired.

The dust had barely settled from her white supremacist tweet before she fired off another a month later calling for a boycott of sponsors of the Dallas Cowboys and NFL for Cowboys’ owner Jerry Jones’ stand against national anthem protests.

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This time Hill was disciplined, receiving a two-week suspension for violating the networks social media guidelines.

Racism is an awful thing. And if there is one thing of which I agree with the left, it’s that.

However, racism isn’t a one-way street. It can come from anywhere, against anyone. There is no faction that has a monopoly on it.

I’m not pointing fingers here at anyone, but it does seem there’s a lot of anger and maybe even some hate coming from these social media outbursts. And sadly they don’t really seem to be accomplishing anything of value other than causing headaches for her employer.

In Hill’s case, the tweets started the ball rolling on her departure from ESPN. For the time being, her voice is diminished. If she wants to continue expressing her opinions about social issues, she’ll have to find an outlet that hires her that doesn’t mind facing the fire for what she has to say.

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