PETA Makes Governor's Day After Insulting Billboard Backfires in Mouthwatering Fashion


Republican Gov. Kevin Stitt of Oklahoma on Wednesday relentlessly trolled PETA activists by hosting a cookout underneath a billboard for the radical group in Oklahoma City.

In March, Stitt, who recently banned the teaching of radical critical race theory in the state’s schools, championed the state’s cattle and agricultural industries by declaring a week of that month to be “Meat All Week,” The Oklahoman reported.

PETA caught wind of the celebration of beef, pork and poultry, and responded with a billboard that labeled the Tulsa-area native and first-term governor and businessman as a “meathead.” The billboard, which popped up near downtown Oklahoma City, read, “Oklahoma, Home of Meathead Gov. Stitt!”

PETA, which is not generally a very popular group in the state, caught the attention of Stitt, who made sure on Wednesday to serve plenty of cuts of meat under the group’s billboard.

“Looks like a great spot to grill some burgers…,” Stitt posted on his Facebook page on Wednesday, sharing two pictures of the billboard.

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Hours later, Stitt had organized a barbecue under the oversized billboard, which caught some people by surprise. The governor was photographed by the local media manning a grill and serving eager Okies who had a taste for meat.

The governor later posted a video on Facebook wrapping up the event. In the video, he noted he would prioritize protecting the state’s economy before kowtowing to leftist animal nuts and other interests that are antithetical to the majority of Oklahomans’ way of life.

“Thanks to my friends at the Oklahoma Cattlemen’s Association for a great night! As governor, I will ALWAYS stand with our beef, chicken and pork producers and protect and defend Oklahoma’s entire agriculture industry,” Stitt wrote.

He later spoke of the pop-up cookout in comments to The Oklahoman.

“It’s all in good fun. Oklahomans know that,” Stitt said. “We’re going to stand by our agriculture industry and our personal freedoms and the freedom to go vegan if you want or to eat hamburgers if you want.”

It certainly appeared as though most of those who attended the governor’s impromptu barbecue went with the meats.

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While formerly reliably conservative states in the region, such as Texas, are alarmingly turning lighter shades of red and pink every two years, Oklahoma is a state that continues to use a conservative supermajority to prioritize protecting its oil and gas industry, its livestock industries and the rights of its citizens to buy and own guns.

Additionally, students in the state can count on getting an education without being told that they’re wrong for supporting American ideals while avoiding the critical race theory madness that has sucked all of the air out of so many classrooms across the country.

That’s all thanks to Stitt and a state legislature proactively nipping leftist madness in the bud.

Stitt, who made a name for himself in real estate before running for governor, is usually all business. Wednesday, he decided to have a little fun — and at the expense of those who not only oppose the consumption of animals, but presumably all those whose lament is that every single one of Oklahoma’s 77 counties, even the urban areas, went for former President Donald Trump last November.

Oklahoma, under Stitt’s first term, has made it known that the Sooner State will remain a sanctuary for common sense. But the state’s chief executive also made it clear Wednesday that Oklahoma still has a sense of humor.

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