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Photographer Builds Tiny Village for Mice After Finding Them Roaming His Garden


When the seasons change to colder temperatures, most of us pet owners keep our animals’ comfort in mind. In many cases, keeping them cozy is as simple as making sure they don’t stay outside too long and can pop inside whenever they want.

For some animals who live outdoors, that means owners have to ramp up the layers of straw, add more cover to pens and make sure their critters have plenty to eat.

Some generous souls also keep an eye out for wild or feral creatures. There are all sorts of handy diagrams online showing how to build feral cat shelters out of plastic tubs, which will give the felines enough insulation to keep them safe against the winter.

But mice? Mice and rats are generally regarded with disgust, ranking no better than a furry cockroach. Unless you’re Simon Dell, that is.

Dell is a wildlife photographer who’s found some of his very best subjects in his own backyard. His photos have become an internet sensation, and you can even buy phone cases and calendars with his photos on them.

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It all started with a mouse sighting. The mouse was promptly named George, and then his mate showed up and needed a name, and the rest is explained on the George the Mouse in a log pile house Facebook page.

“George and Mildred are two very wild mice that live in a very well looked after log pile out in my back yard,” the page reads.

Would you have built a little village for mice?

“What would you do if you found a family of mice roaming around your garden? I’m sure a lot of people would reach out for a bit of cheese and a mousetrap or let your cats wander around for a bit,” the page goes on to explain. “However, if you’re Simon Dell, you turn the situation into the perfect photo opportunity.”

“Wildlife photographer Simon Dell from Sheffield, United Kingdom, seized the opportunity to capture some beautiful photographs of these tiny little creatures. But he knew he had to entice the little mice to come towards him, so he built them a little set piece to capture their attention. And it worked!”

“It wasn’t long before the family of mice moved in, and they love their new home. Simon built the little mice a home made up of old fruit, vegetables, and props from around his house and the results are all too adorable.”

“To get the eye-catching imagery that he wanted, Simon created little houses for the two mice he named George and Mildred and for their little baby, Mini. He managed to entice them with nuts and berries that he kindly left for the tiny little mice.”

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“He would pick the nuts and berries on his walk around a nature reserve near his home in Sheffield. Since then, Simon has grown very fond of the little mouse family and regularly updates their tiny village. This adorable little mouse family is very lucky to have such a kind landlord in Simon.”

What do you think about this little family?

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