Pit Bull Survives Being Hit by Train. Here's Moment She Met Her Savior


Stray dogs have a rough life. They’re not sure where their next meal is coming from, the have to brave the heat and cold, and they must dodge cars all day, every day.

One dog, now named Molly, ran into an Amtrak tunnel in Baltimore. It isn’t clear how she managed to get there and end up in the path of a train, but she did.

“The train conductor saw her run into the tunnel to his horror,” said Bailey Deacon, communications director for the Baltimore Animal Rescue & Care Shelter. They’re known as BARCS in the city, though.

“He knew he could not stop the train. There was absolutely nothing he could do,” Deacon continued.

And so Molly was struck by a full-speed train. Just thinking about that absolutely destroys my heart.

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The driver was eventually able to stop the train, and managed to alert everyone so they wouldn’t run smack dab into his own train.

Amtrak Police Officer Kevin McMullen went onto the tracks, not sure what to expect.

What animal could survive that?

But Molly was alive. “Molly’s left hind leg had been cut completely off all the way to her hip,” Deacon said.

“She had severed an artery, and she had lost more than half of her blood. She lost the end of her tail, and she had very large lacerations on her face and her side. It’s a miracle she survived.”

Molly was even still conscious! She didn’t struggle or fight McMullen as he picked her up and got her off the tracks.

She started licking his face, and if that isn’t a thank you, I don’t know what is.

Once she was with BARCS, they got her ready for surgery the following morning, even though it was extremely risky and expensive.

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“She had fought so much that we had to give her a chance,” Deacon said. “As soon as we got her to the ER, she was trying to kiss everybody.”

McMullen came back to see her once she was recovering and felt an instant bond.

He had to adopt her. She still had a lot of recovery time, but he definitely had dibs when she was ready.

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