Pit Bull Won't Stop Barking, Smells Danger Coming from Owners' Basement


It’s a dog breed that is often thought of as vicious and sometimes faces bans. Some argue that the breed is protective, but that pit bulls are not monsters and can be fantastic pets.

Stories abound that seem to support either side of the debate. In this case, though, one or two more points have been scored for the “fantastic pet” side.

The story begins with Ronene Ando and her partner Chris, pit bull advocates, who are the proud owners of a therapy dog, that also happens to be a pit bull.

Although media outlets have referred to the Lakeview, New York, couple as married, Ronene made it very clear on her Facebook page that they are not.

Ruby the pit bull has not been rescue-trained but is a trained therapy dog that came to Ronene and Chris via Paws for Love with the SPCA, reported KENS 5.

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Perhaps as part of her training, Ruby doesn’t usually bark unless someone is at the door.

So the couple found it particularly odd when one evening Ruby began barking non-stop but no one was at the door.

Ronene told KENS 5 that after about an hour and a half of it, she realized she better investigate: “I guess I figured at that point something was up she got up and went downstairs.”

Ronene elaborated on the events of that night to Sweet Buffalo, “I took her back upstairs to bed and she came back down barking again. I called her back upstairs and she came back up and continued to bark until finally I went downstairs again.”

Ronene then explained that Ruby got down the stairs first and “opened the gate to the family room which leads to the garage.”

What Ronene discovered at that point left her with no doubt that Ruby had saved their lives.

The couple had recently installed a propane heater in the basement to help prevent a repeat of frozen pipes bursting. Ruby had detected and alerted the couple to a carbon monoxide leak coming from it.

Ronene told Sweet Buffalo that days later she is still emotional about Ruby’s actions: “Tears come to my eyes at this very moment knowing that on Jan 19, 2018 this beauty of a dog may have very well saved our lives.”

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Ruby’s journey to Ronene and Chris began with her being rescued and then making her way into therapy pet training. The 2-year-old canine also is agility-trained and has a CGC certification.

Now Ruby’s story has taken another fascinating twist with her becoming both a hero and a celebrity. Rachel Ray and others have asked for Ruby to appear on their shows.

This is a true story of rags to riches, from pound puppy to life-saving canine companion. Good looking out, Ruby! You make your breed proud.

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