Police: Man Who Shot Up Birthday Party Was Angry He Didn't Get Invited


Police in Colorado say that a man suspected of shooting six people, including his girlfriend, at a birthday party before taking his own life last week might have been motivated to kill after he didn’t receive an invitation to the gathering.

Officers in Colorado Springs say Teodoro Macias, 28, entered a residence in the city on May 9 — Mother’s Day — and executed six people before turning a gun on himself. All of those murdered by Macias were related, and some left behind children who are now orphans.

One of the victims in the Mother’s Day massacre was reported to have been the girlfriend of Macias. Three children at the party, ages 2, 5 and 11, were physically unharmed, while one other adult who had been at the party was able to escape.

The Denver Post reported police now have a theory as to what motivated the deranged killer: He wasn’t invited after he’d displayed signs of controlling and other alarming behaviors.

“At the core of this horrendous act is domestic violence,” said Colorado Springs Police Chief Vince Niski this week when giving updates on the horrific scene. “The suspect … displayed power and control issues … When he wasn’t invited to a family gathering, the suspect responded by opening fire.”

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Macias had no criminal record, but those close to family members whom he reportedly killed told homicide investigators that the family viewed his relationship to 28-year-old Sandra Ibarra-Perez as troubled. Macias reportedly was routinely jealous. CSPD Lt. Joe Frabbiele said that Macias and Ibarra-Perez had been dating for roughly a year before the killing spree that left her and her family dead.

Killed alongside Ibarra-Perez were Melvin Perez, 30; Mayra Ibarra De Perez, 33; Jose Gutierrez, 21; Joana Cruz, 52; and Jose Ibarra, 26, according to police.

Look at the faces of these beautiful people whose smiles will never again brighten someone’s day:

Aside from the senseless killings and the incalculable toll taken on those who will forever mourn the passings of those they loved, three teenagers discovered their bodies before police arrived on scene. Those young people had narrowly avoided becoming potential victims when they briefly left the gathering to visit a neighboring home.

They will without a doubt be forever be scarred by what they saw and lost that day.

This story, aside from the obvious tragedy of the loss of human life, is sorrowful for another reason. It highlights the growing indifference in the country to the value of life — even one’s own. Not only did Macias, per police, murder six people in cold blood, but he apparently turned the gun on himself.

Now, ask yourself why? Were these people murdered by firearms, or were their lives taken by something else — something more sinister than a gun?

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This massacre occurred two hours south and less than two months after another psychotic man took the lives of ten shoppers at a grocery store in Boulder.

Police in that city say 21-year-old Ahmad Al Aliwi Al-Issa opened fire at a King Soopers location in Boulder on March 22. It isn’t clear what might have motivated the alleged killer, but the case in Colorado Springs shares one thing in common with the Boulder massacre, and it isn’t the fact that innocent people were murdered after being shot with firearms in the Centennial State.

It’s that depraved people, too often young men, see no value in their own lives or the lives of others. The two recent Colorado massacres share that they were carried out in a society that no longer appreciates the fundamental values on which people in this country were once raised.

Do you think our country would see fewer mass shootings if people turned back to God?

“Red flag” laws and limits on the capacities of magazines — or banning guns altogether, as a majority of far-left Democrats would like to see occur — will never solve the root issue that leads to such senseless acts of violence. That issue is that our country has turned its back on God and the teachings of Scripture.

Certainly people have always engaged in acts of unimaginable depravity. But now the corruption of one’s heart is ignored as we’re told we must only focus on the method of massacres and not the hearts of those who carry them out.

Our country has collectively replaced God with vanity, self-righteousness, the desire to chase social media fame and nihilistic pantheism — the popular belief that there is no God, but rather a universe that connects people through energies and crystals.

As a result, we face a crisis that no law of man can remedy. No law will ever change the heart of man willing to kill others and then himself after failing to receive an invitation to a party.

Our country must turn back to God or continue to look on as shattered families are told that guns, and not the corruption of one’s heart, are what has left them so broken.

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